Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Temptation Tuesday :: Weddings

As spring hits with a vengeance in Melbourne, Ally Blake takes a look at one of the greatest temptations life has to offer a girl with a romantic heart – weddings!

So many romance novels end with a wedding, or perhaps the possibility of one. I never really see beyond the end of any of the books I write, preferring to believe my characters live in that blissful 'aaawwww' moment forever.

But if I went one step further and really thought about the kind of wedding each couple would have... Oh heck! I really don't need another exciting distraction keeping me from my writing!!!

Too late!

Some are easy. Hud & Kendall would have married in the garden at his beautiful old house. Harry & Emma would have found some beautiful spot in the middle of the Outback. Luca & Gracie would have married in Tuscany, then done it all over again on St Kilda beach in Melbourne.

Oh this is too much fun!!! Especially when the money being spent is all in my head.

Weddings are big business.

According to Bride's magazine weddings are a $120 billion industry in the United States--a figure comparable to the revenue of Coca-Cola, Microsoft, McDonalds, American Express and Motorola combined and the average cost of a wedding in the US is $22,360. Phew!

And did any of you read about the recent £100,000 wedding of 16 year old caravan park resident in the UK, Missy Quinn? Yes that was pounds!!! The photo's must be seen to be believed.

My latest Harlequin Presents novel, A NIGHT WITH THE SOCIETY PLAYBOY, starts at the wedding of two beloved characters Chelsea and Damien from THE MAGNATE'S INDECENT PROPOSAL. So it was really fun to think about what their wedding would be like, who'd have the most say, what gifts they'd buy for one another, how their relationship changed post vows.

It also gave my new hero, Caleb the chance to show exactly what kinhd of wedding he wants. None ;). It begins:

‘Will you Damien Halliburton take Chelsea London to be your lawful wedded wife?’
The minister’s words blurred into one long onerous drone as Caleb, acting as best man to his mate and business partner, fidgeted inside his tux, stifled a yawn, and pretended as best he could to pay attention.

So, it would seem, for some a wedding is not the most glorious day of their lives. They do not open those huge embossed invitations and stick 'em on the fridge with glee. The very idea of wedded bliss, of choosing china patterns, and the colours of the ribbons to adorn the church pews gives them the heebie jeebies.

I got married on a warm autumn night in Las Vegas. My overall memory of the day is tinged warm, elegant, and golden, and the scent of gardenias on the air can take me back there in a heart beat.

For me a wedding is just ...aaaawwwwww.

Ally's current release is A NIGHT WITH THE SOCIETY PLAYBOY, a Harlequin Presents release.

For those of you who read and loved THE MAGNATE'S INDECENT PROPOSAL, this follows the romance of Damien's best friend Caleb and his sister Ava. For those who didn't read the first book, it won't matter a jot!!!

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  1. Aaawww, I love other people's weddings. I haven't been to a wedding for ages and ages... and I really wish I knew someone who was engaged so I could look forward to sitting/standing in/on a church/garden/beach and sigh... and then dance and chortle the night away.

    Fab post, Ally!

  2. Ally, just finished A Night with the Society Playboy and I adored Caleb! It was such a wonderful book about second chances, loved it!