Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Temptation Tuesday - Sandra Marton's Sheikhs

Have you ever lost your heart to a sheikh? Well, not a real one. After all, it’s not often the average woman has a sheikh walk into her life. What I mean is, do you love passionate romance novels in which sheikhs are the heroes? Is that a “yes?” In that case, read on!

Why do we love sheikhs as romance heroes? Well, sheikhs are rich. They’re powerful. They’re gorgeous—at least, they’re gorgeous in romance novels. And there’s always that sexy edge of danger.

That’s an excellent description of the heroes of my current trilogy, THE SHEIKH TYCOONS.

THE SHEIKH’S DEFIANT BRIDE came out in October. It’s the story of Crown Prince Tariq of Dubaac and Madison Whitney. Tariq is a successful businessman. Madison is an equally successful executive. Tariq has everything a man could want. Madison has everything a woman could want, except a baby. A baby, not a husband. She doesn’t want one of those, and she knows just how to handle things. Her company is in the business of freezing sperm. Madison decides to get pregnant by using the sperm of an anonymous donor. The sperm will be delivered to her doctor’s office, she’ll be inseminated. Problem solved.

Not really.

Tariq is going to use her company’s services, too. His father is old. His brother, the heir to the ancient throne of Dubaac, has just died in an accident. Tariq knows the responsibility of safeguarding the future of his kingdom requires he marry and produce an heir as quickly as possible. When he can’t find the right wife, he decides to store his sperm against any possible future disaster.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. Through a twist of fate, Madison becomes pregnant by Tariq’s sperm. Tariq offers what he sees as the only possible solution. She’ll give him her baby when it’s born. When she refuses, he says he’ll marry her. Surely, this impudent woman will agree to that…

Except, she won’t. Tariq know what he must do. He’ll kidnap her, force her into marriage…and seduce her into obedience.

Book two, published this month, is THE SHEIKH’S WAYWARD WIFE. It’s about Sheikh Khalil al Hasim and the fiery Layla Addison. Khalil’s father calls him home on urgent business. Urgent? Khalil doesn’t think so. Why should he, a prince, escort a bride across the desert to her groom? Because it’s a political necessity, his father says. Khalil knows he has no choice. If this is political, it is for his people. And his obligation to serve his people comes before anything else.

But things are not as they seem. Layla is not a willing bride. She is not from Al Ankhara. She’s an American woman being held in captivity, and she is terrified at the thought of wedding the vicious, ugly bandit her father has chosen for her.

What can Khalil do? Can he turn his back on duty and deliver the beautiful Layla into the arms of her brutish groom? Or can he find a way to save Layla and serve his people at the same time? He can… if Layla agrees to marry him. And then, of course, she must agree to give him up…

Book three will be on the shelves in December. It’s called THE SHEIKH’S REBELLIOUS MISTRESS and it’s a little different, I think, from the sheikh stories I’ve done in the past.

Sheikh Salim al Taj knows better than to mix business with bed—until the long, hot night he spends with his employee, Grace Hunter. Grace is bright and beautiful. Salim takes her as his mistress. But when he feels his interest in Grace becoming more important than he thinks it should be, he decides to end their passionate affair. He does it while he’s away on business. A big mistake because when he returns to New York, Grace is gone. So is ten million dollars.

The authorities can’t find her. Salim hires a private investigator who does. Grace is living in another city, seemingly involved with another man. She’s in Bali with that man right now. Salim flies to Bali, forces Grace to board his plane and head home with him… But the plane crashes on what appears to be a deserted island. And Salim decides on another kind of justice. He’ll seduce his former mistress all over again. Slowly, pleasurably—and mercilessly.

Want to read excerpts from all three books? Stop by at my website. And, while you’re there, go to my Contest page. You might be the lucky winner of signed copies of another of my best-selling trilogies, BILLIONAIRES’ BRIDES.

I’ll look for you there!


  1. Ooh Sandra they all sound delicious, can't wait to read them. I adore sheikhs. Your comment
    'They’re gorgeous—at least, they’re gorgeous in romance novels' made me laugh. My second book is a sheikh story and I had awful trouble trying to find a real life sheikh who was attractive enough to use as inspiration for my hero, I gave up in the end...

  2. Sandra I've read the first in the trilogy and now I can't wait for the others...you write the Sheikh hero so well, I can't even imagine trying it...but luckily I don't have to because you're already doing it!
    x Abby Green

  3. Abby, please, feel free to join in! There are enough sheikhs to go around. :-)

    And Sabrina, isn't it a great thing to have a writer's imagination? We can create gorgeous guys and to heck with reality.