Monday, November 03, 2008

Male on Monday - Michael Trucco

One of my favourite parts of starting a new book is casting. I don't feel as if I can really start writing until I have my casting in place. It's a hard job, looking for pictures of beautiful women and sexy men. But it is one of the sacrifices I make for my craft.

Earlier this fall I decided to throw caution to the wind and work on something fun. Today I'm going to bring that casting to the form of actor Michael Trucco.

Born and raised in San Mateo, California just outside of San Francisco, Michael discovered an early fascination with the theatre and film & television that would eventually lay the groundwork for a career in entertainment. Being raised the son of a police officer, Michael naturally felt inclined to pursue a career in his father's footsteps and was content to do so. But his time in the theatre department at Serra High School made a lasting impression. It was not until his second year at the University of Santa Clara, however, the Michael found himself on the path to a life in entertainment from which he never looked back. Already a sociology/criminal justice major, it was his parents, in fact, who encouraged him to check out the University theatre department, maybe even audition for a play. He did, and was NOT cast in that play. Instead, the director of the theatre department invited Michael to come take a course for non-majors, and upon completion after one semester the director recommended Michael consider changing his studies to theatre and acting. And the rest as they say....well, you know.

Michael graduated with a BA in Theatre Arts and from there the seeds were sown. He remained in the San Francisco Bay Area for about a year or so learning the ropes, doing commercial work, extra work, bit parts, summer stock theatre, even a stint as a stand-in for Matt Dillon. But the desire to do bigger and better parts eventually drove him to Los Angeles to "play in the deep end of the pool." From there, it was what Michael knew best-theatre-a lot of it. Six different plays in about 2 years. But one production in particular, "A Few Good Men" got Michael noticed by a talent manager and from that came the opportunites for television and film. The parts started small and simple but grew with each job and Michael eventually found himself to be a working actor full time.

Why else do we love him? It might be that he stands at a lofty 6'3". Or his quick grin. He's got a great sexy voice, too.

I first saw him in Battlestar Galactica as Samuel T Anders, a resistance fighter left on Caprica who comes into contact with Helo and Starbuck. The chemistry with Katee Sackhoff - Starbuck - was clear from the get go, and what was supposed to be a few episodes turned into a recurring role and now one of the most important characters on the show. WOWZA! Apparently it was Katee herself that lobbied for his return, and it was a good move.

Nearly a year ago though Michael's life was nearly altered irrevocably. On Sunday, 2 December 2007, Trucco was involved in a car accident with a friend who was driving a Ferrari 360 on the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu, California. The vehicle flipped on an embankment, landing upside-down, impacting Trucco's side of the car. Trucco was badly injured in the accident, fracturing four of his vertebrae, while his friend walked away uninjured. He has stated that he initially lost feelings in his arms. He was eventually able to get out of the vehicle after regaining feeling in his hands and used his cell phone to call for emergency help. He was airlifted to UCLA Medical Center for successful surgery. Dr. Arya Nick Shamie and his team of surgeons were able to fuse his C-6 and C-7 vertebrae to his C-5 vertebrae. The fact that he was out of hospital and on the mend within a week is miraculous, as his injuries were very similar to those suffered by Christopher Reeve.

What's up next for Michael (besides being Devin McQuade in my WIP?)? He's in a pilot for NBC called Man of Your Dreams, he's supposedly filming a BSG movie, and you can catch him in a guest role on Eli Stone.

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  1. Ooh, yes, Donna. He's definitely hero material. Handsome and a survivor. What more could a woman ask for.