Saturday, December 13, 2008

Weekend Wind Down - The 12 Days of Christmas

Today Pink Heart Columnist Kate Walker takes a look at the countdown to Christmas - a Writer's 12 Days of Christmas

It’s Saturday – the penultimate Saturday before Christmas. I’m supposed to write about the ‘weekend wind-down’. Wind-down? Now tell me, which of us women – because the majority of us in category romance are women – will have a chance to ‘wind-down’ this weekend? Or next one for that matter.

Look at the To Do lists, the shopping still to do.
(OK –I admit it – I’ve got all my presents. But compared to my sister who buys almost all of hers in the sales in July , that’s nothing . . )

There’s the wrapping – every year I vow I will not be still wrapping gifts on Christmas Eve. And every year . . . No, this year’s going to be different!

There are the cards, the decorations. You know that thing about wrapping on Christmas Eve? Well I also always vow that I’ll have the tree and the decorations up and making the house look festive well before the day before Christmas Eve. But somehow . . .

There are the friends to visit and the visitors coming to stay. We have family here this weekend, more family to visit next week, friends on the 20th – it’s wonderful, but is it winding down?

Then there’s the food to prepare, the tablecloths to wash and iron, the crackers, the cats’ stockings . . . What? Of course the cats have stockings? Do you think I would dare not to give them special treats at Christmas too. After all Sid the Cat is more of an internet personality than I am and Princess Flora aka The Floozie looks set to be going the same way after not quite a year of being A Writers' Cat. Dylan, the eldest, may be older and wiser and perhaps a little more subtle in his approach, b
ut he still has big ambitions in the treats department.

And not just from me. The first Christmas parcel to arrive at this house was address to Sid, Dylan and Flora Walker. I think the postie suspects that I have 3 extra children hidden away somewhere that he never sees - but they are the ones getting all the mail from Sid's favourite LATP (Lady Across the Pond) Anne McAllister.

But, busy or not, I had to write a post for the PHS. I was thinking about writing a Writer's Wish List - gifts for writers - and then I looked at the date. And realised that as today is the 13th, then it is actually 12 days before the Big Day.

12 Days of Christmas.

And so my writer's Christmas wish list got a little more fanciful and a little more musical . . .
I'm sure you can work out the tune to go with this - so sing along if you want to:

On the first day of Christmas my publisher gave to me

A golden RITA statue for the best in the RWA

On the second day of Christmas my publisher gave to me

An RNA Romance Award - and yes a R*by too

And a golden RITA statue for the best in the RWA

. . .and so on until the very last day -

12 million brand new readers

11 Large advances

10 Great reviews

9 Amazing titles

8 Brilliant covers

(well they can't be worse than these ones here)

7 'No revisions'

6 Brand new contracts

5 Brilliant plot ideas

4 great promotions

3 NYT listings

An RNA Romance award and yes a R*by too

and a golden Rita statue for the best in the RWA

(Well - Christmas is a time for fantasy and for wishes coming true so I thought I'd aim high! )

Whatever you're dreaming of for Christmas I hope you have a truly wonderful time with lots of love and joy and maybe something really special under the tree just waiting for you.

(I did put a in a request for a rather nice yellow towel for Christmas - but I was pretty specific about who I wanted to deliver it - I hope he won't get pine needles in unmentionable places when he's waiting under the tree with it! )

Oh - and if you fancy winning a special Christmas Stocking stuffed with great books, check out the contest over on my blog and my web site Contest page.

And as it's Christmas I'll give away a signed copy of my latest Presents title - Bedded By the Greek Billionaire to some one who posts in the comments telling me what they're most looking forward to for Christmas. That is, is I can get Sid away from the cat treats in the special Advent Calendar and get him to pick the winner on Sunday evening.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all Pink Hearters and all romance readers and writers everywhere.

Kate's latest book, Bedded By the Greek Billionaire is still sale now in the USA in Harlequin Presents and on the Mills and Boon web site (as a print book or in ebook form) or on
Romantic Times called this book "a delicious melodrama full of dizzying emotions as the reader goes along with the highs and lows as this couple finds each other again," and they also selected it as one of their Top Picks for November.

Her next Presents title will be Cordero's Forced Bride which is out in America in February and in M&B Modern in March 2009.


  1. Wow Sid/Dylan/Flora, you are some lucky having received a parcel already.
    I'm looking forward to being with family and enjoying a great meal that everyone has contributed to. We will be at my brother's farm where I grew up from the age of 10.
    It will be fun but also sad b/c both parents have passed away in the last 5 years.

  2. I am looking forward to having my family come together at our house to celebrate together. I am especially looking forward to seeing my young nephew open his presents.

  3. I'm looking forward to getting revisions done so I can actually enjoy a few of the days before Christmas! Glad the parcel arrived.
    Ear rubs to Sid, Dyl and Flora!


  4. I'm looking forward to being at my brother's house for Christmas and all the great food my sister-in-law and her mother makes. And for visiting with them.

  5. I just read the Alcolar Triology and I loved it. Can't wait to read Cordero's Forced Bride. Kate I love your books.

  6. The vintage covers put everything in perspective, don't they? No one can worry about an Italian Millionaire Mogul's Virgin Mistress again! The Manatee says it all.

  7. Thank you everyone for your comments.

    Robyn - S D & F don't actually know about their parcel yet. I've hidden it or they would snarf down the contents in a second.

    Maureen - family is what it;s all about isn't it? I hope you have a wonderful time.

    Anne I hope the revisions go well. I was in that position a couple of weeks ago. The relief when it's done is worth it

    Ellen - food is always that bit more special when you don't have to make it yourself! Have a great time.

    Kimmy thank you - I'm so glad that you loved the Alcolar Trilogy. Those books have been very successful for me. I love the collected trilogy edition. I do hope you enjoy Cordero's Forced Bride - please let me know if you do.

    Jenna. Some of the vintage covers are wonderful. Others . . . The Manatee is . . strange!


    I'll get Sid to pick a winner now. Back in a moment

  8. Well I got Sid on to the job of choosing and - er - he chose Anne. So I had to point out that in the light of the fact that she'd sent him a special gift package that could look like bribery - and anyway she already has a copy of Bedded By The Greek Billionaire.

    So I sent him back to try again - and this time her chose JENNA

    Jenna please email me (kate AT ) your postal address and I'll get the book in the mail