Friday, November 14, 2008

Friday Film Night - I Capture The Castle

Today Fiona Harper gets all mushy about a truly romantic film, full of first love, romance, passion and broken hearts. I Capture The Castle is a film adaptation of Dodie Smith’s classic novel and is all you need when you want to snuggle up on a cold winter’s afternoon and watch a DVD.

Cassandra Mortmaine despairs of her eccentric family. Her father wrote one ground-breaking novel more than a decade ago and has struggled to string together a sentence since. As a result, his family are now living in a dilapidated castle and slipping rapidly into poverty.

Hope arrives in the form of two American brothers, Simon, the elder brother, has inherited the estate their home is on, and soon a plan is hatched to marry Cassandra’s older sister Rose off to him to save the family from ruin.

It all seems so romantic at first – almost a game – but seventeen-year-old Cassandra finds herself growing up very fast indeed when she realises she has fallen in love with her sister’s fiancĂ©. Worse still, she realises Rose doesn’t love him at all. Suddenly, love isn’t a marvellous game any more. It’s raw and painful and wonderful all at the same time. And, while Rose’s engagement is the solution for the Mortmaines’ financial situation, it starts to tear not one, but two families apart.

If you like 1930s glamour, fantastic settings and coming-of-age stories, then you will love this film. It’s got it all. Rose Burne and Romola Garai are marvellous as the two sisters, and the supporting cast are of such a high calibre. And, if you like a good-looking man, it’s worth a look just to see Henry Cavill as Stephen, the young man who pines after Cassandra. Although she doesn’t love him, she has to agree that he looks like “all the Greek gods rolled into one”.

I watched this film last Sunday afternoon while I was feeling grotty with a cold, bundled up in bed with my eldest daughter for company. I can’t think of a better way to beat the winter blues.

Fiona’s latest book, Christmas Wishes, Mistletoe Kisses, is out now in the UK and North America, and in Australia and New Zealand next month.

Louise Thornton has dumped her cheating celebrity husband and moved to the country with her small son. She finds a rather good-looking man trespassing in the grounds of her new mansion, high on a lonely hill. Little does she know, he has the power to make all her Christmas wishes come true.


  1. I wrote the name of the movie down, and hope I'll be able to find it and watch it. It sounds amusing, at the very least.

  2. Hmmm, I can't think of a better way to beat the winter blues either. Except maybe a lovely romantic movie - plus a hot toddy.

  3. I've never actually seen this movie but the book is simply lush!