Friday, November 07, 2008

Friday Film Night: A Change of Place

This month on The Pink Heart Society, Silhouette Desire author, Maxine Sullivan, reviews A Change of Place, a 1994 Harlequin movie based on the Silhouette Special Edition of the same name by Tracy Sinclair.

When troubled twin, Kate “Domenique” Jameson, asks her bookish sister, Kim Jameson, to take her place for a month as a glamorous Paris model, Kim has to showcase the fashion for the world famous House of Duroche. But someone is stealing Duroche designs and their eagle-eyed troubleshooter, Philippe, must stay alert. Suspicious that "Domenique" is the culprit, Philippe sets out to trap her, but soon finds himself out to steal her heart. Kim begins to fall in love with Philippe but the threat of discovery constantly forces her to hold back. Oddly enough, the more she is herself, the more Philippe falls for her. Ultimately, Kim must risk giving up her sister's secret or give up Philippe forever.

Put aside realism for a moment and enjoy this movie. The glitz and glamour reminded me very much of a Desire or Presents novel with a bit of intrigue and suspense thrown in. Here's a heroine who steps way out of her comfort zone to throw herself into the glare of limelight to help save her twin sister, and a hero who thinks bad of the heroine until he begins to fall in love with her and realises she’s not what he thought. Sounds like a romance story to me.

The gorgeous Andrea Roth plays both Kim and Kate “Domenique” Jameson, and the duel role showcases this actress' wide range of acting as she alternates between the bookish sister and the glamorous sister in the early part of the movie. The scenes where the twins are together are very well done. The focus then turns to the studious Kim, who needs to overcome her inhibitions to become someone she isn’t. In turn she uses her naivety to wow them on the runway and to save her sister’s modelling career while her twin is in rehabilitation.

Rick Springfield as Philippe looks older and a little worse for wear when up close, but no woman in her right mind would say he isn’t still handsome. He has perfected the soap opera look from his work on General Hospital and he gives a fine performance of a distrustful hero with a painful past. I must admit I have a soft spot for Rick, who comes from my hometown of Sydney. And who can forget his hit song from the 80’s, Jessie’s Girl?

The first-rate supporting cast includes the beautiful Stephanie Beacham (Dynasty) and classical actor, Ian Richardson, who appeared in a wide variety of films throughout his career. Add to the mix magnificent buildings, grand architecture and stunning art. Music with a trendy background beat gives the movie a liveliness that complements the cosmopolitan storyline.

My only real complaint isn’t about the movie itself. Like a couple of the other Harlequin movies, why have they put a picture of the heroine with someone other than the hero on the DVD cover? I’d imagine that Rick Springfield would be a great drawcard to this movie, which I rate 9 out of 10.

Maxine’s latest Silhouette Desire, The CEO Takes a Wife, the first book in her Valente series was a July 2008 release and is still available at eHarlequin. The second book in the series, The C.O.O. Must Marry, will be available in February 2009. Details are available at her website


  1. Hi Maxine,
    I saw this movie earlier this year. A few of us were trying to find a *bad* movie (as in it's so bad that you laugh at it) for a writer's retreat. We started watching this and thought we'd found the right movie when we saw Rick Springfield's suit (which is three times too big for him) but it's actually a really good movie!

    Totally agree with your comment about the cover. Why put someone other than the hero on the cover? We all asked that ourselves.

    I not only remember Jessie's Girl but I remember when Rick Springfield was in Zoot with Bon Scott (later of AC/DC fame) and Darryl Cotton (wrote lots of big hits of the 80s for The Little River Band, etc). Their signature was that they always wore PINK. Geez, that really was a loooong time ago.

    Thanks for the review. Good mnovie and definitely worth a look.

  2. Hi Maxine - I'll have a look out for the movie. Might have to go further afield than my local DVD store which never seems to have the movies I want to watch.

  3. Thanks for dropping by and commenting, Serena and Sandra.

    Serena, yes, that suit was too big but I forgave him for it. :) I mean, he's Rick Springfield. I'd forgive him anything.

    I remember him in Zoot, though I didn't realize Bon Scott was in Zoot too.

    Hmm, Serena, I think you and I might be about the same age. Oh that's right. We are. :) Same year but a day apart.


  4. Hi ladies! I am a life-long Rick fan & I own that movie. Cute film in my opinion. :)I enjoyed your review of the movie! But of you say, Rick is in it! And I must agree, that suit was WAY too big for him. :-P

    I have the Zoot Locker CD and I really like the tunes. Too bad Rick didn't get any lead vocals there. Darrell has a great voice though! And no, Rick did not take the "job" with the Valentines (which yes! Bon Scott was a member of the Valentines, I believe). I think the Valentines and Zoot were vying for Rick and the Zoot won out. :)

    I can't recall exactly where I read that, but maybe at his best fan site. Lots of Zoot articles here:

    Have a great day!