Friday, November 28, 2008

Film on Friday - A Wicked Cool Mom!

Today bestselling author Shirley Jump joins us with some fab mother daughter bonding time...horrors and musicals???? Take it away, Shirley...
My daughter and I are movie freaks. We love, love, love to watch movies on Saturday afternoons, or when she has a day off from school, or when one of us is home sick. We’ll watch about anything, but we have two types that are guaranteed stoppers when we’re channel surfing—musicals and horror flicks.

I know. You couldn’t get more diverse in your movie watching than those two categories. She’s into music, big time, and I got her started on scary movies a few years ago because I was too much of a chicken to watch them alone (and still am ;-). Now that we’re writing horror young adult novels together (under the pen name AJ Whitten for Houghton Mifflin), we can call all the horror movie watching “research.” Uh-huh.

But the musicals—I never really would have expected her to get into “Hairspray” or “Grease” or “Chicago.” It started because a friend of mine gave me tickets to some off-Broadway productions that came to our town. I took Mandy to see things like “Annie” and “Cinderella” and “Joseph.” She fell in love with the grandeur and magic that is Broadway, and wanted to see more. But we live in the Midwest, and there’s not exactly a whole lot of that kind of thing out here, even at our local theater.

Then “Wicked” came out and we went to Chicago to see it performed by the original New York cast. Now THAT was an incredible, amazing, awesome experience. We went and saw the touring cast of “Rent.” We wanted to get to New York to see it before the show ended, but didn’t get a chance. I don’t think she’s forgiven me for that one ;-).
The best part, though, is that she finds hanging out with me (at least when the TV is on ;-), pretty cool. We can watch these movies and for a couple hours, she’s my best friend. With a fifteen-year-old, a mom doesn’t get a whole lot of that kind of time. My daughter is gone more than she’s home, and sharing with her friends more than me. But when the TV goes on, and we find that common bond in a movie, there’s suddenly a thread between us again and I become her confidante once again. At least until the credits roll. :-)

Here's a peek at Shirley's next Romance release, Marry-Me Christmas, out in December. You can visit her blog at She's always got something good cookin' over there!


  1. So I'm guessing that at 15 she's moved pas the High School Musical bandwagon?

  2. Way, way, way beyond, LOL. Though the HSM guy is in Hairspray, so that's okay. But she's too cool for HSM ;-)