Saturday, October 04, 2008

Weekend Wind down :: Is it possible?

This weekend, mum and writer Ally Blake wonders if there really is such a thing as a weekend wind down, and if there is, how she can get one!

So, it's the weekend. I hear the words and I think lazing about on a sunlounge in the backyard with a Harlequin book on hand. Because once upon a time that's what my weekends used to be about. Years ago. Many many years ago. So many if must have been another lifetime.

Now my weekends are about lists.

The Shopping List:

Groceries galore. And the minute I get home I’ll realize I’ve forgotten something and have to start a new list. Baby stuff. Nappies, always nappies. Wipes. A new sip-a-cup a mum at Mothers Group swore by. Ooh, and isn’t Target having 20% off kids’ clothing this weekend?

The To Do List:

The fruit and vege purees I need to cook and freeze for bub for the next week. The PHS birthday book giveaway I have to post. The tax hubby and I have to sit down and complete when bub’s asleep so we can use every inch of lounge room floor for scraps of paper.

The Work List: Email web host about a gremlin in the machine so another weekend doesn’t go by before I get an answer. Transcribe notes for the course I am taking at the Victorian Writers Centre in a couple of weeks before they get lost in the fuzzy recesses of my mind. Downloading words I have written on the Alphie this week so I don’t accidentally lose the lot. The PHS posts I have coming up…surely I can get a month ahead if I grab an hour on Sunday ;).

And then there’s my poor hubby, looking forward to a sleep in, a bit of time lazing in front of the telly after working all week. Ah, nope! ‘Cause who’s gonna look after my energetic little crawler while I’m doing everything else!

So, please, if anyone else out there really does have a relaxing weekend planned, keep it to yourself ;).

This month Ally has TWO, yes TWO books out in the UK!! HIRED: THE BOSS'S BRIDE is a Romance, and is also out in North America right now. A NIGHT WITH THE SOCIETY PLAYBOY is a Modern Heat which will hit US shores in November.

And if anyone else has a beautiful blank weekend ahead, she hopes they might get to enjoy lying back and reading one of those!

Check out more news behind the books at her website and her blog.


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  2. Hi Ally, the week end is really just time to plan for the week ahead and take care of chores for the week that has piled up like laundry, ironing and cleaning. Instead of kids, l have to take turn, exercising my 11 dogs. I am anxious to read Caleb story, your Magnate book was sooooo great, but l will have to till November for the US release as that is what version l get in my country. (Also sad as l did not win your give away) LOL

    Have a great weekend

  3. Hi Ally, I amazed you even have time to write while looking after a baby, but glad you do. I'm excited to be the winner of your book giveaway, but sorry to add to your overburdened list. Nevermind if the puree ends up with the book. I have a 1 yr and 4 yr old so Caleb will be pushing the swing, bouncing on the trampoline and err in the bathroom with me while I try to grab 5 mins of reading in peace time :)

  4. Hi Ally, I don't have small babies any more but I do have teenagers and now my weekends consist of running them all over the place like some sort of demented taxi driver.

    I hope you manage to find a quiet moment to yourself at some point.

  5. I'm right there with you Ally, the twins have learned how to open doors that are 'supposedly' locked. One day they'll be grown ups and I'll have a house to myself.

  6. Ally, I feel for you with your busy weekend. The same here. I don't know where they fly. I've got the work list (several) but at least the shopping list has gone for now. I dream of a weekend just lazing. Wouldn't that be terrific? A weekend with a book (to read, that is!) and no interruptions. Sheer bliss!


  7. Debs, I'm with you!!!!! Teenagers! Aaaaaaaaaaaargh. Can anyone tell me why it is you NEVER get all the washing - even when you've made eye contact AND touched them on the arm when asking?

    Natasha - mum of five quietly going insane!