Thursday, October 30, 2008

Thursday Talk-Time - Linda Goodnight

Today Linda Goodnight invites us all to fall in Love…with a Fictional Hero! Welcome Linda!

Heroes are the essence of romance fiction. For most of us, the hero plays a big part in why we read romance in the first place. We want to relive that falling in love feeling through our characters, and we can only do that if our hero is—well, very yummy.

But great looks aren’t enough. A great physique is not enough. What we really want is the larger-than-life hero-a man of deep honor who will do whatever it takes to take care of his woman, even it means letting her go-and always, always at the risk of his own heart.

But how do we, as writers, create such a hero? What exactly is it that makes a fictional man so real that readers never forget him? (Well, at least not until the next great hero comes along.)

Years ago, when I first discovered Lavyrle Spencer’s books many of her heroes lingered in my mind for days and even weeks. Some of Jennifer Blake’s heroes, particularly her “Master of Arms” men, do the same. I can practically smell their own special manly scent and hear the cadence of their voices. And I am positive if they walked into a room or I passed them on the street, I would know them. An author who can create such magic is—well, a magician with words.
So, that’s your challenge today. Think back to a fictional hero so wonderfully created by the author that he came off the pages and seemed real. Who was he? What were the book and the author? And if you can, what was it about this fictitious man that made him so memorable?

Linda Goodnight is currently working hard to create memorable heroes in her own books. Her latest is hunky businessman Ryan Storm in THE MILLIONAIRE’S NANNY ARRANGEMENT.
Don’t miss this broken, back-street-boy-made-good, his adorable genius daughter, and the pregnant widow that looks beyond his faults and sees his lonely heart:

A child genius chooses a pregnant, down on-her-luck widow to be her mommy for hire. Now if millionaire daddy will only cooperate…

A super successful businessman, the only thing Ryan Storm can't quite get a handle on is his daughter, Mariah. All she really wants is a mom. So he hires the next best thing…. Pregnant, widowed Kelsey Mason isn't Ryan's idea of the perfect nanny, but little Mariah bonds with her straightaway.

Even Ryan starts to fall under Kelsey's spell as she tempts the workaholic to take time off to enjoy his family—a family that might grow into something even more special if Ryan can open his heart again.…

Winner of this year’s RITA Award for excellence in inspirational fiction, Linda Goodnight has also won the Booksellers’ Best, 2007 and 2008 ACFW Book of the Year, and a Reviewers’ Choice Award from Romantic Times Magazine. She and her husband live in the quiet beauty of rural Oklahoma. She writes for both Steeple Hill Love Inspired and Harlequin Romance. Please visit her blog and website at

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