Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Temptation Tuesday : Holidays

Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke is confessing her annual addiction - to those too tempting holiday decorations.

Somehow, October snuck up on my year. How is it that it came to be autumn? I don't even want to think about how a new year is approaching. Not because I'm afraid of 2009, but because I dread New Year's! All my holiday decorations gets packed up then.

In my house, I'm allowed kitsch from Halloween to New Year's. It's all my organization loving husband can handle without wanting to run away from home. So as soon as I start telling the kids they can no longer where shorts to school, out comes the box of Halloween stuff. And of course I always find more great things at the store.

I'm not in to the scary stuff like coffins and cobwebs, but give me an embrodered bat or felt witch and I'm in heaven. Don't get me started on the light up pumpkins that find their way to my front porch the weekend before October starts.

The boys have Halloween t-shirts they wear all year long (bats and skulls are common boy fare, an the My Brother's A Monster shirts get laughs no matter the season). But now I have a baby girl, and the girl Halloween outfits probably won't translate after October 31.

Even the buckets of Halloween candy the boys come home from Trick-or-Treating with don't console me as I have to take down the mini-pumpkin lights and the cute monsters window clings. The only thing that makes it better is putting up Thanksgiving artwork the boys made last year and finding the turkey placemats.

Oh...it was just whispered in my ear that Thanksgiving and Halloween induced obsession are an American phenomenon. Hmmm...y'all don't know what you're missing!

Jenna is working on her latest for Modern Heat - so far it has cake, champagne and moonlight. In the meantime, Par For The Course is out, with car sex, an interesting approach to learning to golf, and a love story hazardous to your hankie supply. Oh, plus exploding toads.. Check out Jenna's website, or blog.


  1. Actually, we do Halloween in London and I love it. We have a lot of ex-pat Americans in Highbury who put out their decorations every year and the kids in the neighbourhood trick or treat anyone who has decs up. My older son who loves to decorate goes completely biserk for the Halloween and Christmas parties we hold every year which means lots of cobwebs and coffins and then fake snow and tinsel. And then in between we have Guy Faulkes night with fireworks and hot dogs when we celebrate murdering some poor Catholic bloke who tired to blow up the Houses of Parliament (I know, macabre, but that's the British for you - any excuse for a party and a chance to get pissed, frankly, especially in the middle of winter!)

  2. The supermarkets are stocked with halloween gear at the moment and once marketing gets involved...

    Heidi, I recently saw a reconstruction on the television (with real gunpowder) of just what would have happened if GF's plan had succeeded. It wouldn't just have been the King, but a considerably area of London and it's inhabitants would have been wiped out in the blast. Even the sappers who executed the reconstruction were astonished at the destruction.

    Not that I'll be letting off fireworks on the 5th -- it frightens the sheep.

  3. That would be "its"... My little finger just loves apostrophes :)

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