Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Writer's Wednesday...Holiday Titles

Holly Jacobs joins us with a bit of a challenge...called "Title a Holiday Romance"! After all, who doesn't love those seasonal offerings??? (We sure love them!)

You know those lightbulb minutes that happen every now and again? My recent lightbulb was that this is my year of seasons. You see, my August SuperRomance was entitled, SAME TIME NEXT SUMMER. Here in the States, September 1st is Labor Day and it signaled the unofficial end of summer. It’s also the day my first Harlequin American Romance, ONCE UPON A THANKSGIVING, went up for sale on eHarlequin.

Summer, Thanksgiving...and the sequels are Once Upon a Christmas and Once Upon a Valentine’s. Summer, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Valentine’s. This is my year of seasons. Lightbulb. Ta da. I didn’t set out to do it. Oh, I set out to do the holiday trilogy, but hadn’t really thought that the Summer book fit the pattern. But it does. It gave me geek glee (lots of things give me geek glee!)!

Here’s the thing–I like holidays.

I like summer’s at the beach. Okay, so I don’t do the sun (says she of the eternal paleness), but sunsets on Lake Erie are absolutely beautiful!

And Thanksgiving? I love Thanksgiving. A time when the family gets together...with turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. Seriously, does it get any better than family, friends and pumpkin pie (with real whipped cream)?

Last year we decided to downsize our Christmas. We tried to limit presents, and put the emphasis back on family. Part of that is a new family tradition...the holiday jigsaw puzzle. There’s something quite nice about the sharing and visiting that goes on as we work on it.

Then of course, there’s Valentine’s. Now, I’ve confessed in various public forums that my dh and I are all about geek dates. We don’t tend to do any big romantic gestures on Valentine’s. But without sounding sappy, I’ve got to confess that our geek dates, whether it’s an antique store, or a wine tour, is a perfectly wonderful Valentine’s celebration in my personal opinion.

So, what’s my favorite season? It’s hard to pick one, because I love them all. But if I had to choose, I’d probably say Thanksgiving. I love that it’s simply a day about family...about being together and giving thanks. And in my life I have a lot to be thankful about. I’ve got a great family–a husband who enjoys geek dates as much as me, and four fantastic kids. I’ve got wonderful, lovely friends who support, amuse and like me despite my many foibles. And I’ve got my dream job...writing stories about people who love.

I really love that my August SuperRomance fit into my holiday trilogy theme. I wish I could do a book for every season...just coming up with titles alone would be a blast. For instance:

~Lucky at Love (Leprechauns are lucky...a St. Patrick’s Day Romance). ~Betty’s Big Bang (Okay, I’m worried...if anyone here has followed my great Knackered debate with Kate Walker you’ll know why. I don’t know how Bang translates into English-English, but in the US it can mean sex, which wasn’t what I was talking about. I was talking about Bang as in Fireworks...a 4th of July romance. LOL)

Okay, so I was just thinking about a romance centered on Flag Day, but I got as far as Hoisting it up a Big Pole and friend Biddy would say I have “a dirty, dirty mind.” LOL But I like the idea of holiday romances.

So, today while I’m hanging out with you all at Pink Hearts, let’s play Title a Holiday/Seasonal Romance. Can you come up with a romance title for a not-often written about holiday? Boxing Day, Canada Day, Columbus your ideas and titles if you dare!

Holly has scads of titles out this season! Check it out! (while we wonder when she possibly sleeps!!!!)

SAME TIME NEXT SUMMER, Harlequin Superromance, US and Australia release, 8/08
EVERYTHING BUT A BRIDE, Avalon Books, 8/08
ONCE UPON A THANKSGIVING, Harlequin American Romance, 10/08
ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS, Harlequin American Romance, 12/08
CHRISTMAS EVE KISSES, UK Mills Boon Single Title, 12/08

And the prizes just keep coming for Lil Pink Guy...he sure is feelin' the love. Today's prezzie is courtesy of Natasha Oakley. Pop over to her blog and see what her cool gift is, and enter for a chance to win a copy of WANTED: WHITE WEDDING, Natasha's latest Romance release.


  1. I love the concept of "geek dates," very fun.

    Now trying to imagine a Flag Day romance... LOL.

  2. Hi Lovely Hall!

    Do you have Grandparents' Day in America? How about the Elderly Greek Billionaire's Secret Grandaughter?

    Or Halloween - the Sheikh's Ghostly Wife?

    Kate - who shoudl really be getting ready to leave for London but just ahd to come by and say hi to Holly

  3. You do have a dirty, dirty mind! And I love you for it :-)

    I am useless at thinking up titles... but I just want to assure you that 'bang' has the same contortation in the UK.


  4. Boxing in a Boyfriend

    Ouch, that one's awful. Sorry.

  5. Hi, Nicola! Yeah, when my mind went to the Flag Day Romance, I immediately tried to stop it! LOL

    Kate, I love the Elderly Billionaire! LOL Yes, we do have grandparent's day. Have fun in London! I'm on my way to Buffalo tomorrow and to Pittsburgh on Saturday for a signing. And as nice as both cities are, I wish I was meeting you in London!

    Biddy, LOL I knew I did have that dirty, dirty mind! I love that phrase and wish I could say it with your accent. LOL And nice to know that banging in the UK is the same as banging in the US! LOL


  6. Arkiern,

    Hey, we crossed posted! And Boxing in a Boyfriend is definitely much better than Betty's Big Bang! LOL


  7. Hmm, unfortunately I don't have any great title ideas, but I did want to drop a line and say how much I enjoyed you and Kate (and others!) dissecting British and American language differences. I have been fascinated by them since I read Paddington Bear and Agatha Christie as a child. I figured out most of the strange words on my own, although I did think treacle was seaweed and elevensies had to be some kind of pastry. ;-)
    (End of my tangent)

  8. Jill,

    I'll confess, I loved our English-English vs American-English discussion as well. And since then I amuse myself on occasion when I tell the family that I'm chuffed or knackered (in it's just I'm tired meaning...after all the Mills Boons editors said I could use it LOL). I'm going to try to work a term or two into a book sometime soon, and when I do, you'll know Kate and Biddy were my inspiration! LOL