Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Temptation Tuesday - Borrowed Children

This Tuesday, Pink Heart editor Donna Alward lets us in on a little secret...the joy of children not one's own!

Today is my niece's birthday. She has also just entered her fourth year of university. Where has the time gone, I ask you? I remember being at my sister's wedding and her craving egg rolls when she was pregnant - and now her eldest is all grown up. I also remember some babyhood stories about my niece that she would surely appreciate me posting here, but I'll refrain.

Being the youngest of four, by quite a few years, meant that my sisters and brother had a built in babysitter. Well, I'm happy to report that the tide has changed.

The last few trips to visit family - even before this summer - meant a break for yours truly. Even though my brother and his kids live in the States, my two sisters still live at "home" and have four girls between them. And those girls seem to ENJOY my girls tagging along. There are offers to babysit. There are invitations to entertain. My niece that is 15 took the girls swimming in the pool. My other nieces who are high school/university age took them tubing and boating (yes, they are VERY responsible kids). Meanwhile I can feel free to sit on the deck and just VEG. Built in babysitting is VERY COOL.

Now those borrowed kids are fun in other ways too...after all turnabout is fairplay. For example, I got to be the cool aunt (who woulda thought THAT would happen?) this summer when it involved a shopping trip for a dress for my mum's wedding. I took my niece and daughters for a morning of shopping, then met up with my sister and her youngest. There was much trying on of dresses, hair accessories to deliberate, jewelry to pick. There was also a comic incident involving piercing and a flip comment about a parole card. At the end of the day, it had just been FUN.

They're good kids, even if they are screamagers...and I'm proudly going to assert it was because of the fine babysitting they received as children. It couldn't have been the parents, after all....

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Happy Birthday Lil Pink Dancing Guy!

NOW....It's THAT time again...more birthday prezzies for the pink dancing guy! I just KNOW this one is going to be great...so head on over to Kate Hardy's blog. She'll be giving Pinkie his prezzie, and then giving YOU the chance to win Hotly Bedded, Conveniently Wedded and The Spanish Doctor's Love Child.

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  1. Donna both your and Kate's contests are great! Happy Birthday Pink!

    I'm giving away Susan Stephens August release on my blog at the end of the month to celebrate Pink's two years.