Monday, September 15, 2008

Male On Monday : Simon Baker

A while back, Trish did an ode to blond heroes. Of course it made me start thinking of who I could cast in my next story. And who did I stumble across? Simon Baker.

I needed someone who's done a lot of work. Ever since the afore-mentioned Trish got me started on backwards casting, I need pictures. I need different angles, different backgrounds, expressions, clothes.

Lucky for me (and his bank account) he's worked steadily for years. He had small roles in big movies like L.A. Confidential and The Devil Wears Prada; big roles in small movies like Something New (which will be my next Friday Film) and Sex and Death 101.

He's been involved with some great small screen projects which really help with the pictures - a lawyer in The Guardian, a thef in Smith, and a detective in The Mentalist. He's the any hero!

Ally and Nic will hunt me down if I don't give Australia credit for producing him. He lives in California now with his wife, Australian actress Rebecca Rigg, and their three children: Stella, Claude and Harry.

In my story he's a lawyer...who plays guitar in a band, drives a motorcycle, and lives in a floating house. I think he'll work out just fine :)

**Do you have any ideas for hero fodder who deserves a Male on Monday slot? Let us know! **

Jenna is working on a new story for Modern Heat with lawyers, cake, and tickling. In the meantime, Par For The Course is out, with car sex, an interesting approach to learning to golf, and a love story hazardous to your hankie supply. Oh, plus exploding toads.. Check out Jenna's website, or blog.

And now it's time for another birthday prezzie! This one comes from Aussie author Annie West! Annie's giving away her prize via her webpage, so go HERE to her latest news and scroll down just past the fab pics of the RWAus conference to see what she's giving the Pink Guy and also what's up for grabs for you!


  1. Paul Gross, please! Remember Fraser from Due South? Now who couldn't find sexy a mountie that walked about accompanied by a wolf, huh? Plus there's some great pics on google. Yum!

  2. What about John Hamm from Mad Men, and let me do him, pretty please....

  3. I remember Trish's post on the blonde hero and I do believe I recommended...Simon Baker.
    He's delicious. So talented the way he plays every role with great conviction. When he smiles it's magic. I love him and can't wait to see your review on Friday because that film is one I've been shamelessy promoting across my favourite blogs. It's so Modern Heat, so sexy, so fun, so full of everything that makes a fantastic romance.


  4. Simon Baker is a cutie. YUM!!

  5. We're definitely proud of Simon 'Down Under', Jenna.

    I loved him in The Guardian.

    Can't wait for The Mentalist, which is screening here shortly, I think.