Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Lil Pink Dancing Guy!!!

It seems like only yesterday he was a little sparkling light of an idea on MSN Messenger. And yet here he is... The Pink Heart Society's Little Pink Dancing Guy is a TWO YEAR OLD!!!

And oh MY how he's GROWN!

Naturally he's VERY EXCITED about another birthday and to celebrate he's bouncing up and down at the idea of all the lovely pressies people are gonna give him! Last year he had a treasure hunt all of his own so you could see his pressies and be in with the chance to win a huge bumper prize. This year he's having a treasure hunts for lot's of prizes!!! So don't forget to check in every day for our random links to authors all over the world who'll be offering you plenty of chances to help the little guy p-a-r-t-a-y! Just look for the Treasure Hunt logo, follow the link to see the little guys pressie on the authors blog and leave a comment - it's just that simple ;) Well he is ONLY two so we need to make it easy for him...

Meanwhile you can leave your birthday messages here for him and let us know what you love about The Pink Heart Society or what you'd like to see more of in the next year...

What men would you put forward for our Male On Monday Hall of Fame???

What burning topic on writing have you always wanted to learn more about?

What movies would you get us to watch for our Friday Film Nights?

Is there something about a writer's life you'd love to know?

If you had a talk time slot to tell us your favorite Series/Category romance book of all time what would it be?

Wanna tell us what you're reading RIGHT NOW?!

We only have four months left in 2008 and we do like to shake out the cobwebs to make sure you keep visiting us for another year so here's your chance to tell us what YOU'D like to see more of from The Pink Heart Society!!! It's here for YOU after all... ;)

And last but not least. It's OUR BIRTHDAY. And it's a MONDAY. So what does that mean.... drumroll please... because YES LADIES...


The man behind the LEGEND IN A TOWEL. So let that corporate sigh out and let THE BLOG HOPPING BEGIN for the official


Simply leave us a comment with a link and let us know you've added your favourite picture of Hugh to your blog, make sure to title your post The PHS Hugh Jackman Tour 2008 and then we can all do the rounds and decide who has the best ...You can even come back and leave a comment here to tell us where your favorite one was!



  1. Happy Birthday us!

    Let the Hugh Jackman tour begin. I'm playing -

    Oh it's so nice to be back.

  2. Dear Natasha,

    It's great to see you back too!

    Birthday greetings to The Pink One--two years already!Does this mean there will be tantrums ahead?

    Male On Monday: Please, please, PLEASE can we have lots of David Gandy? (I KNOW I'm not alone in this!)

    Lots of love,


  3. Oooo excellent! I'm playing and have the orange towelled one on my blog to prove it!!


  4. Happy Birthday to the little pink guy - and to all of us PHSers

    And I'm in on the tour - of course you knew I would be, didn't you!

    But Biddy - Hugh in a towel is mine! (And Anne McAllister's)


  5. Ahhh but I just 'borrowed' him briefly! He does actually make an appearance in my wip in an orange towel...

  6. morning all

    Just popped in to say Happy Birthday. I am currently reading ALL the Silhouette Eclipse series and I am interested in the Nocturne series as well.

    Mary x

  7. Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for all the great posts.

  8. Happy birthday, lil pink guy! Thanks for all the fun. And the pictures of Hugh...

  9. Mine is up on my blog. Have avoided the towel for the sake of diplomacy ;)

  10. Hooray that you have returned Natasha.

    I have put my offering in.

  11. I've got my Hugh piccie up and while you lot are all fighting over the towel, he's whisking me away on his Harley... Right here.

    Happy B'day PHS!

  12. Here is my Hugh contribution:

    Can't believe it has taken me until today to find out what the fuss is!! I feel like I've had something missing in my life!!

    As for PHS I love reading about "a day in the life of ..." - there are some of those on the Romance author's blogs.

    Congrats to all involved on the 2nd year birthday, you should all be very proud of your involvement.

  13. I'm never going to get this edit done if you girls keep putting Hugh up everywhere, distractions lead to procrastination...
    happy birthday for your dancing heart..

  14. Happy birthday! I haven't done a pic (am timesqueezed and it's new term tomorrow) but can't resist answering one of your questions.

    Male on Monday?

    HAS to be Antonio Banderas. (Pretty please with sugar on it?)

  15. Happy Birthday.

    You will find my current love affair with Hugh pics here:

  16. Happy Birthday PHS!!

  17. Happy Birthday from the south of Ireland. Having now officially hit the 'terrible two's' I predict trouble...
    Please, please please lets see some Viggo Mortensen and Gerard Butler, let them do their thing for Male on Monday. And I back Kate's suggestion of Antonio 100% too.
    Currently reading anything Mod Heat I can get my hands on, loving them all. Might I suggest somebody covering the topic of that 'black moment'? I'd love to hear how arriving at that moment affected the writers.
    And finally, please check out the movie 'Something New'. You won't regret it. It even has a blonde hero.

    All the best,

  18. Happy Birthday, PHS. I would love to see Eric Bana and Christian Bale in the Male on Monday Hall of Fame.

  19. er, well, I'm a little late. Sorry! But there's no reason the celebration of Hugh -- and the lil pink dancing guy -- shouldn't go on all month!

    So my Hugh pics are up at:

    Hope you'll all drop by and visit!

    Happy birthday, Pink!

  20. Did forget to mention above my pick for a male on Monday (aside from Hugh of course). It's the new Broadway star Paulo Szot. Paulo who? Google the images. He's a journeyman opera singer who has found sudden fame on Broadway by winning the Tony for Best Male Actor in a Musical for his charismatic portrayal of Emile DeBecque in South Pacific. My motto is: if the one you drool on isn't around, drool on the one who is. :)

  21. Happy Birthday PHS!

    Here's the link to my favourite Hugh pic:



  22. Happy Birthday PHS!! I really like your blog - as a reader and an aspiring writer. Keep up the good work - I LOVE the Male on Mondays - may I suggest a little bit of a change - a singer instead of an actor? Michael Buble - just love him - he's so cute!

    Also, I don't have a blog, but my daughter put this picture of Hugh on my computer as my screen saver and wrote at the bottom, Yeah sexy, I'm lookin' at you!

  23. Oh-oh, I missed Hugh Jackman day while in the deadline cave...

    But on the upside, I've been having a Hugh Jackman fortnight as he's the inspiration behind my current hero!

    So go ahead, ladies, feast your eyes :)