Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Film Night - Step Up

News Flash! With Pink Heart Society editor Jenna's last pregnancy, her husband took pity and got her a TV, DVD and cable! It's tucked away in the bedroom, where the boys rarely talk her into using it for Thomas the Tank engine or Dirtiest Jobs. That means...she can catch a movie! On occasion...

I can't write while I'm rocking a baby...and I can't read in the dark...but I can watch TV. Friday Films have been hard for me since I've seen approximately one movie a year since BigBoy was born. But no more...Princess Girl and I paced the room the other night, for almost the entire length of Step Up!

So much of the story is dancing that it wouldn't translate well into category romance, especially since that's the last hold out where hip-hop culture has yet to invade. However, the theme of second chances is universal.

The story has meager beginnings, like the hero. Tyler is caught in a break in at a school for performing arts. his community service is working at the scene of the crime. The heroine, Nora, is a student there, trying to put together a showcase she needs to get a job as a dancer.

When her partner gets hurt, Tyler fills in...until he doesn't. He's never finished anything he started. It takes a while for him to figure out why, and try for another chance with Nora. She's wondering why she keeps setting herself up to be let down and contemplating taking the easy road the way Tyler does and going to college instead of trying for her dream.

Not only does the movie have a happy ending - she gets a job with a dance company, he gets to attend school at the academy - the couple does to. Jenna Dewan (Nora) and Channing Tatum (Tyler) just announced their engagement.

Since I haven't watched movies in forever...what was your favorite movie in the last year or so? I'll watch out for it...

Today's birthday prezzie for the Lil Pink Guy comes from Holly Jacobs! Head on over to Holly's eharlequin Blog to find out what she's giving him....and also for YOUR chance to win a prize too! Holly's giving away a signed copy of THE HOUSE ON BRIAR HILL ROAD to one lucky reader!


  1. Jenna -

    Check out 27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl and James Marsden - the repartee is witty, the heroine isn't immediately in love with the hero and he has to convince her to love him (yay!) and the hero, James Marsden, is absolutely delicious!

    My daughter just watched What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz and said it was very cute.

    And have your hubby get you the BBC version of Pride & Prejudice and then get the new version with Keira Knightly! That'll keep you through a few hours of walking the floors with a new baby!

  2. Nina, I loved 27 dresses. Also, a fun movie was Mamma Mia. I'm looking forward to The Women comming out with a ton of fab women actors. Sex and The City was fun as well!

    Jenna will I see you in Seattle in October? I hope so!

  3. Just dropping in to say that Angel won the book...happy birthday again Li'l Pink!


    ONCE UPON A THANKSGIVING...available at eHarlequin now and on shelves in October!

  4. 27 Dresses was my last hurrah movie - the gals and I snuck out to see it right before the girl joined the fray :) LOVED IT.

    I wish I could go see a movie right now...

    M - No Seattle for me. The logistics with the babe are daunting. Next year, though...but I'll be at Celebrate Romance in the spring :D