Saturday, August 16, 2008

Weekend Wind-Down - the Ideal Birthday

This Saturday Pink Heart Ed Donna Alward reveals her perfect birthday plans!

My birthday was on Thursday. Every year my kids ask me what I'd like for my birthday. My answer is always the same - Peace and Quiet.
Birthdays have never been a big deal (except the one that I wanted to be one, that wasn't, not that I'm bitter or anything). I never really feel any older despite the question "So, do you feel any older?" that I hear scads of times. So things are usually pretty low key.
One thing that usually happens is that my husband and kids make me a cake. Yes, they usually MAKE it, not buy it. This year I had something different as my daughter had the cake I usually have on her birthday a few weeks ago, and because we are visiting. But they usually get together and bake. And they normally make supper too. Those two things together are great gifts.

Prezzies are usually low key. This year I asked for a new jewelry box as the one I had in Calgary didn't make the was very old and looking icky.

And now that we're closer to home, we're back to celebrating things with my dh's family. My birthday and his mum's birthday are only a week apart, so right now we're celebrating both occasions this weekend since we're close enough to visit. This is nearly perfect - family, cake, a few drinks, games of Canasta and lots of laughs.

Donna's fourth Romance released just in time for her birthday - August 12!

FALLING FOR MR. DARK AND DANGEROUS is out now in North America and the UK. Romance Reader at Heart called it "an emotionally satisfying, clever read!"

It's also on sale at eharlequin - their "Man Wanted" ebook sale under "Bad Boys". And don't we all love a bad boy?


  1. Donna, my family and I LOVE Canasta. My kids have been playing since they were too tiny to hold all the cards. They used to have to duck down behind the sofa to sort them all out! Hee!

    And I had a birthday which should have been something and wasn't. 30! I was pregnant with my third child as well .. My husband said 'but 40 is the big one, isn't it?' which would have been find if 30 hadn't been big for him six years earlier!!!!!!! Hmmm still needing therapy for that obviously.

  2. Natasha - me too! It was 30. He asked what I wanted. I said a bbq with friends. The day came and went with NOTHING. LOL. I threw him a party on his 30th - even though I was due any day with our first.

    And over the holidays when i had a broken wrist, he did build me a "card stand" so I could play canasta even though I couldn't hold the cards. LOL By the way the count stands - boys 2, girls 2. We're going to play the rubber match when his parents come down for a visit.