Saturday, August 30, 2008

Weekend Wind down :: Curling up with DVDs

PHS editor Ally Blake is peaking out from under a pile of deadlines to fill you in on a guilty pleasure, and a very good reason why she shouldn't work from home.

We own a lot of DVDs. So many I probably ought not to say in case you decide to come rob me!!!

When I'm in the middle of a writing jag, something I like to do as I sit down to lunch is to put in an old movie I've seen a million times and just let the familiarity of it run over me as I let my mind drift for half an hour before the writing beckons again. I also now have a bub playing on the floor at my feet so watching a new movie at this time just isn't worth attempting.

They don't have to be romantic. Or gentle. They just have to reach out to some place in me that lets my mind fly away.

Here are some qualities that, for me, give a DVD instant membership into the all important "sorbet for the mind" list.
  • Baseball - seriously I'm addicted. The Natural, Field of Dreams, For the Love of the Game, Fever Pitch. Any and all of the above get a constant workout.

  • Dancing - any movie that begins with a music number and ends with a dance number can play on a loop in my house and it'll be so much happy white noise! Dirty Dancing, Strictly Ballroom, High School Musical, Hairspray, Chicago. And that includes the hours of So You Think You Can Dance I refuse to delete off my hard drive!

  • Pixar - we have every Pixar movie. For the baby? Um, nope. I started playing them in the background when I was feeding my little one solids, happy, lovely, bright stuff, but truly they are more for me. (Though for some reason she thinks Flick in A Bug's Life is hilarious) Great, sweet, funny, and I've seen them all a dozen times. Monsters Inc, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles.
It's not just the movies I love to let wash over me for a half an hour. Behind the Scenes, Makings Of, and Directors Commentaries are faaaabulous for a half hour breather.

Now don't even get me stated on Blu-ray ;).

Do you have any firm favourites you can watch a half hour of here and there over and over and over again and be happy?

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  1. Gone With The Wind. Can't get enough of it...

  2. Pretty in Pink, Bowfinger, Zoolander, any light comedy, I can just veg with. Unfortunately the kids have taken over the tv so we're on a constant stream of Dora, Thomas, Bugs, Lightning McQueen, and so on.

  3. Love the movies, but can't just dip in and out of them, because I get hooked and then I have to watch the whole thing - like recently when I switched on to The Way We Were during my lunch break and two hours later I was still swooning over Robert Redford in Navy Whites.

    So now I fall back on Friends, which turns out to be especially good for that fun, flirty tone that us Mod Hot ladies have to cultivate — and is only half an hour long.

  4. When Harry Met Sally - I can watch that over and over. And How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days.

    But for the half-hour breather - it has to be Two and a Half Men. Charlie Sheen. I rest my case *g*

  5. I loved Bull Durham, Ally. And I remember Anne McAllister telling me that she appeared, briefly, as an extra in Field of Dreams. You get to see her back...

    I watched Two Mules for Sister Sarah last night -- the dh overcame his dislike of Shirley McLaine (and women in films in general) because there was plenty of shooting and blowing things up. It was great fun.