Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Travelling Tuesday....Where in the world?

Our Trish seems to be enjoying her vacation a wee bit too much perhaps? Or experiencing computer woes again...or maybe she's gotten lost. Either way, we're sure she'll be back with a whole photobucket of pictures from her exploits in the good ol' USA. Until then, where in the world have you been?????

I confess...I love travel even though I haven't done much - yet. I love to see pictures of far away places almost as much, which is why I love Trish's Travelling Tuesday posts so much. So when I saw this on her facebook profile, I knew I had to have it for myself. It's called Where I've been and you can add in countries and cities and it will tell you how much of the world you've visited. I've got some flying to do. I've only seen 5% of the world.

There are lots of applications out there....Travel Tracker at http://www.cambrianhouse.com/idea/idea-promoter/ideas-id/lWaePpn/

Globe Notes at http://www.globenotes.com/

and one of my favourite things is going to websites and blogs and seeing where the visitors have come from - you can find widgets for this at http://www.neocounter.net/blue/

Now, does anyone want to wager a guess where Our Trish is today????

Trish's next book is The Millionaire's Proposal...due out in September but available NOW on eharlequin.com....oddly enough it stars 2 people doing what??? Oh yes...TRAVELING!!! Apple from the tree and all that, eh?

And Donna's latest is out today...Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous is an August Romance release.

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