Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday Talk Time with Sharron McClellan

Why haven't we thought of this before? Sharron McClellan is stopping by The Pink Heart Society to show us how everything we really need to know, we can learn from category romance!

I love my category romance. Which lines do I read? I've read everything from Medical to Presents to Bombshell, and I have yet to find one that didn't teach me something about life. And here are a few of the lessons:

Everything Important I Learned from Category Romance

Silhouette Romantic Suspense: Good men are honest, brave and strong. So are good women. I both write and read SRS, so it shouldn't be a surprise that it is my favorite line and where I find myself learning and applying my life lessons. SRS's allow me to explore the good and bad in people (cause we all have both) and how our actions affect those around us. Plus, I get to use guns, high explosives and despite the body count...the hero and heroine manage to find love.

Presents: Loves means vulnerability. I love the uber-Alpha males of Presents. These men powerful enough to command the world around him. Their word is law. Face it, they're Hot with a capital 'H'. But the Alpha males also soon learn that while he can control a lot of things, he can't control love. Does the heroine learn to love him? Sure. But it's not something he can accept, or offer in return, until he makes himself vulnerable.

Blaze: Passion. Can you imagine life without passion? And not just passion for the hot guy that loves you, but passion for life. For learning. For finding the thing (or person!) that thrills you and knowing that you are the luckiest freaking person in the world.

Nocturne: Embrace the Unique. Just because you are different doesn't mean you can't find love and be loved. Sure, you might be a vampire or you might not be a size two. You might have scales on your tush or read minds. But no matter what makes you unique, there is someone out there who sees the uniqueness and embraces it.

Intrigue: Never Assume Anything! Who's right. Who's wrong. Or who's holding the gun.

FANTASTIC! I love it! Sharron would like to give away a copy of her September release--Mercenary's Honor. We'll do a random pick from let's see how you do. What have you learned from your favorite category lines?

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  1. Very cool post. I love this idea.

    Superromance: Ordinary people are capable of extraordinary bravery, passion, and kindness in the name of love.


  2. Completely agree, Sharon. I always take something away from every book I read.


  3. NEXT : Life doesn't stop once you get the guy.

    Flipside : Laughter always helps.

    Why is it my favorite lines twinkle out?

  4. I love category romance. When I want a certain type of book I know which category to pick up. I thinks thats great. NOt often in life do you get want you want when you want it but with these books you can.

  5. I agree with Rebekah, with category you can quickly find the kind of book you feel like reading. It's a bummer that some great lines were faded out.

    What I learned from category is that every reader is different, you can enjoy a wide spectrum of sub and sub-sub genres, and a number of satisfying books are just a shelf away.

    Fab post! ; )

  6. Great, hilarious post, Sharron! I would add: Harlequin American: You can still find hot, heroic guys in America's small towns--even the ones without a bookstore or a Starbucks.

  7. I have learned from H.American Romance that your town is not that bad!

  8. Interesting post.
    If I've learned anything from category romance it would have to be that love conquers all.
    This attitude can also be applied to your own life and the hard times don't seem so bad when you realise that somebody loves you enough to help you through them.


  9. I was probably thirteen and just starting to read romances the last time I read a category. Then the last few years I started reading Blaze and a couple of other lines and realized what I'd been missing! Great thoughts on each line, Sharron, it'll help those who've never read a category find one they might like.

  10. I think the Superromance line shows me that tough things can happen to everyday people and they can do wonderful things.

  11. Hi all! I'm finishing the sequel to Mercenary's Honor this weekend (YAY!), but wanted to pop over and read the posts.

    Thanks for all the great ideas and comments. Gotta love category, and I think I'll expand my horizons and try a few more lines. :)

    Finally, the winner of a copy of MH will be announced later this afternoon!

  12. And the winner is....Jenna Allen! hanks for taking the time to comment Jenna. Email me when you get a chance and let me know where to send your signed copy of Mercenary's Honor. :)