Monday, August 04, 2008

Male on Monday - Bring on the Grooms

PHS editor Donna Alward is back, and this time she's brought men, hot men, who aren't afraid of commitment!

When I saw I had a Male on Monday post, I briefly considered continuing on with my hot Canadian dudes. I mean clearly I missed out on a bunch, and that's just not right. But instead, I found myself getting squishy about all things matrimonial. You see, I'm just back from my mum's wedding. My mum is seventy-five, and she's been widowed for nearly 20 years. So I think getting a little sentimental about her finding happiness again is perfectly ok.

Especially if it means thinking about Grooms.

Yep, the men that aren't afraid to say I DO, who take on the inlaws (er...outlaws?) cheerfully and go through all the wedding shamozzle willingly. They get dressed up in tuxedos instead of jeans, drink champagne instead of beer, and sometimes even make speeches in front of guests. You know it's a miracle we ever make it to the altar at all, ladies. We really don't make it easy on the guys!

And yet look. Smiling through it all. What a trouper.

Really, when you think of the nerves they put up with, the details they nod and agree to, the fittings they endure...really, it's no wonder they try to convince us to elope, or even just run away screaming.

(Note: DO NOT let my husband read this. It will completely go to his head and he will hold it over MINE forevermore.)

At least by the end of the night he might be able to have a little fun - removing the garter. (Might I just digress for a moment and say how BRILLIANT the bride's shoes are at this moment? I bet she danced all night.)

Anyway, the point is we love 'em, we love to see them all dressed up and sexy and ready to admit before family and friends that they've given their heart to the bride. It doesn't get much more romantic than that!

Now, I've got to run, but in the interest of pure fantasy, why don't I just leave you with a couple of men you might want to convince to make that long walk....down the aisle that is...

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  1. Dear Donna,

    I like Dean just the way he is--no aisle walking for him, please!