Monday, August 18, 2008

Male on Monday - The Babe Magnet

This Monday PHS columnist Kate Walker brings you the real story of the RWA Conference in San Francisco and the truth of just why her DH is affectionately known to the romance writing world as The Babe Magnet . . .

People often ask me just why my DH has the nickname of The Babe Magnet. How did he come by that they say - and, more important - does he live up to it?

Well the truth is that I was the one who originally invented this nickame. It was when my husband gave a talk at the Romantic Novelists' Association Conference in Durham and I was asked to introduce him to his audience. I hadn't realised, I said, that my husband was such a Babe Magnet until I let him loose in a group of Romantic Novelists - and then I could only stand back and watch . . .

And that answers the other question that I'm often asked - How does your DH cope when he joins you at the various conferences you go to? Doesn't he get bored - driven to distraction by all these women . . . Er - the anwer is no. He has a whale of a time. Every bit as good a time as I do - better sometimes!

You've only to look at the pics of him in San Francisco to see.

And that is why, when I realised that I had the Male on Monday post for this month's PHS, when I looked back at the photos I had taken of the Magnet, and realised that really, honestly there was only one male I could really talk about this month. So I had a word with Trish (whose photo you'll see here amongst the others) and she agreed.

So here, in his birthday month - is a photo-report - the true account - and the evidence - of what happened when the Babe Magnet hit San Francisco. And none of the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

First of all he met up with PHS Columnist Biddy Coady who was just a little pleased to see him.

And then he went out to dinner with Biddy and one of two other babes - Trish Wylie, someone called Kate Walker, The Magnet, Biddy's sister Anna, Heidi Rice and Abby Green.

and there - well , he magnetised Biddy's sister, Anna!

The next day he magnetised lovely Supperromance author Holly Jacobs
creator of the Great Knackered Debate (along with one Biddy C )
But it was on the night of the big Harlequin Party that he really came into his own - that Babe Magnetism was working overtime and no one could resist it .
Not editors - as evidenced by M&B Senior Editor Linda Fildew

Or authors like Anna Louise Lucia who took a moment from dancing her feet off right next to Nora Roberts (see Anna's blog for the evidence) to pose up close.

Jayne from eHarlequin had to have a cuddle too. (I have promised on my honour not to let on that Jayne had her bra straps fastened together with a rubber band at the back so I won't let on about that . . .)

As did our very own Pink Heart Queen Trish Wylie. I think this has to rate as the most enthusiastic cuddle of the evening. Oh, and Trish has this theory that she takes a better photo when she has had - er - a small amount to drink. Looking at this photo, that could be true - of her and of the Babe Magnet too.

And Danica, aka Dream - one of the hosties on eHarlequin could not be left out. She wore the tiara specially in honour of the occasion.

Holly Jacobs, fresh from receiving her silver pin for her 25th book, even came back for more . . .

And finally the evening was rounded off by a superlative Babe Fest even by the Magnet's standards - when he was mobbed by (left to right)

Anna Sugden of the Romance Bandits, that Biddy woman again.
and an Irish author last seen getting close and personal with a Leprechaun (any similarity between that Shaun and my DH is purely coincidental . . .) Abby Green.

So there you have it - the truth about this year's RWA Conference as seen from the Babe Magnet's point of view. Is it any wonder that when he came home he said that he's had the best conference ever. And he's been grinning ever since.

(And I really have to apologise to poor Jennie Lucas who was really very worried when I told her that I had photographic evidence of my husband's behaviour with all his other women, and I knew just how to use it . . . Sorry Jenny - this is what I meant - honest!)

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  1. Oh, Kate, I can't tell you how wonderful it was to see you and my lovely friend, aka The Babe Magnet, in San Francisco! Of course, I've been trying to figure out English-English ever since! LOL


  2. He really is a Babe Magnet, as I can attest. It's good to see all the photographic evidence, though!