Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Writer's Wednesday - A Room With a View

This Wednesday Donna Alward gets her priorities straight - well, at least one priority - the need for a workplace.

When I first started writing, we had a WalMart desk with a pc in our bedroom. What was our dining room was a playroom for the girls, as they were really small. Exersaucers, tea sets and a table and chairs took up a lot of space, as well as a toy box. And I wouldn't have wanted to work there, especially the morning I realized my eldest, at the ripe age of three, had decided Raisin Bran would be a good idea, and proceeded to pour it in her bowl, on the playtable, and into the toy box. YUCK.

Then the girls got older and we moved the computer out of the bedroom and into the dining room. And here it has stayed for a long time...right now it shares the space with my piano. And last year we finally bought a new and lovely desk and bookshelf and I love it. But still....when the girls are on break, the living room with the tv is on my left and the piano is on my right and OH MY.

So when we started talking about house buying, our realtor said, "I sell garages and kitchens." Well, that's probably true. And it certainly is true about the garage part for my husband. And yes, a good kitchen is essential. But this time, I was willing to sacrifice kitchen to have AN OFFICE.

Not a dining room/music room/conduit to the rest of the house. But MY room. MY room in which I will allow my husband to have a desk and computer (I hope he's not reading this, he'd argue that he's ALLOWING me to have an office, lol). I am not going to be sharing a computer, or a desk. Or a chair, or a mouse.

I know so many people talk about where they write, but after 7 years of writing wherever things fit, I finally want something to fit ME. I truly believe WHERE you write can affect your creativity, so this room was paramount in our house search. Or at least in my part of it.

Many of you know we've bought a house so let me tell you a little about what is my office. It was a sitting room for the previous owners. There are lovely large windows letting in light, and the colour is a sunny yellow, just the right shade. It is warm without being mustardy, light but not so light as to be washed out. The woodwork is wide and white. The floors are cherry hardwood. There is a french door closing it off from the foyer and pocket doors I can close if I want to be isolated from the family room. Of course I can leave them open and see the fireplace. Lovely to have the choice though!

There is room for my desk, and a desk for dh and his computer. He anticipates doing some work from home, so that is nice. There is room for my bookshelves, and also room that we might be able to put in a sofa for those days when I want to curl up with copy edits or research reading. Or even just hang out with the dh and read while he's surfing in the evening.

And if I have the urge to take a field trip, we still have the older laptop, and I will be able to indulge in my dream of working on the deck with a cup of coffee. Our deck has room for our patio set and the view is that of the pool and then the wooded part of our lot beyond.

It's heaven.

And I shouldn't have any excuses not to write, now, should I!

Donna has recently relocated and is VERY glad to be settled before her next Romance release. Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous is out in August in NA and the UK.


  1. Congrats on the new office!! I have one that I keep all my stuff in, but weirdly enough I like to do most of my writing at the kitchen table anyway :-D The problem I've had lately is that DH, who works from home a lot and is on the phone in meetings literally all day long, has decided that he likes the kitchen table too..... I now know WAY too much about the inner workings of a major bank and am being driven back to the cozy depths of my office! Nice to have somewhere to retreat to ;-)


  2. Sounds like a really wonderful room for an office. Glad you got what you needed in the new house.

  3. Sounds gorgeous, Donna. When we built the extension and converted the garage, I discovered that having a room I don't have to share (almost - it's our spare-spare bedroom if we have more than one set of guests) is wonderful. (Didn't keep my promise to keep it tidy, though...)

    Enjoy your new office :o)

  4. Mmm, Donna, I'm so jealous.

    My office is a complete tip. Basically because it's stuffed with all my books, two computers, all our files and paperwork and every other piece of junk that has nowhere else to go — plus quite a lot that does have somewhere else to go but never seems to get there. Arghhh. Time for a tidy, maybe.

  5. Actually, today is the day that we get to move the office furniture in. For now, guess where I am?

    Yep. At the kitchen table. The dh is working from home this week too. We look like a couple of nerds with laptops.