Wednesday, July 30, 2008


As Jenna has already pointed out (btw MISS YOU babe! Not the same without your knowledge of who everyone is this year...) Wednesday is pretty much a meet and greet and settle in kinda day - at least until a few hours from now when the Literacy Signing happens and hundreds upon hundreds of authors all crowd into a room to sign books! Lots of piccies from that later naturally along with anyone wearing anything unusual. Personally I think that the giant swans head hat will be hard to top from last year but we shall see...

Last night once we were settled into our little Irish room in the hotel Abby Green and I headed out to dinner with Heidi Rice, the lovely Kate Walker and her gorgeous BM hubby Steve and our very own PHS Biddy Coady ... I can report that much Asian food and several bottle of white wine were consumed. Then back to the hotel bar for a couple more drinks at which time those of us who knew what was coming our way this week headed for bed and Abby and Biddy naturally hit a local Speak Easy bar... I can't report much about that but I can say they came back - so that's good news!

This morning several authors headed off for brekkie with the lovely Sandra Marton and now some have headed off for lunch with the equally lovely Jane Porter. There's a lot of that on a Wednesday - old friends hugging and yelling 'hi' across the lobby, new people with their orange first-timers ribbons being befriended by random people who remember how exciting that first conference was.... people with pink first sale ribbons being congratulated... ahhhh the sweet scent of conference time... And I for one can tell ya it's a lot easier to make sense of who's who today with the appearance of actual conference name badges!!!

I've taken some piccies of the lobby and the goodies found in this years conference bag so as soon as I tramp up seventeen floors for the camera lead I forgot I'll post them for you! Just as a random point of interest this years conference bag and badge holder are both made of recyclable material...



  1. Nooooo....

    Do not want recyclable bags. I use my lovely New York bag when I go to Tesco for the groceries. It's just perfect!

    Darn it, I'm soooo green at the fun you're all having.

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