Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Travelling Tuesday - Where's Wylie This Summer?

Last summer at The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie took us along on her great adventure to the United States. So where will Wylie be taking us this time and what would you go see if you were her?

Yes, it's that time of year again. So while I stress over what to pack and what not to pack I thought I'd drop by to give you a sneak peak at my destinations this summer. And to ask for a little help in choosing what to see...

First up we fly back to New York. Now as you all know last year I LOVED this city!!! I explored all over the place, visited Liberty and Ellis Islands, took several open top bus tours, went to the top of the Empire State, shopped in Time's Square, wandered around the National History Museum... so what should I see or do this time? Walking tour of Brooklyn? Tour of where the TV shows like friends and Sex In The City were filmed? Guggenheim? What do you think? Where would you go?

Then it's allllll the way across the country to San Diego. New ground. Completely new city. First time in California!!! Now I'll admit part of the reason for this leg of the trip is that my inner geek gets to go play at ComicCon. Well, me and 100,000 others. Many of them in fancy dress I'm told (there's even a place on their site where they give instructions on carrying your sword/lightsabre!!! Apparently the basic rule of thumb is no pointing it at anyone. Must remember that...) And it's not just the comic book superheroes that have attracted me to look at this for a day or two I might add since I'm amongst friends... This years panels include stars from TV Shows like Lost, Heroes, Dexter, Stargate Atlantis, Smallville, Supernatural, 24, Bones, Prison Break, Battlestar Galactica, Ghost Whisperer, Pushing Daisies and Chuck to name but a few... Be nice to see if some of our Male On Monday guys look as good in real life as they have here I feel. That's research, right??? So what panels would YOU queue up for? Choose wisely now cos some of those queues are gonna be looonnngggg...

But there's so much more to see in San Diego I've discovered... there's The Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, Presidio Hill...Oooohhh where to go and what to see?! I'm still researching and making my short list so this is wide open for exploration. What do you think? Any tips for me?

Then of course it's off to San Francisco for the RWA National Conference. Here I get to meet friends old and new, lots of overseas internet friends I've never met face-to-face. It'll be a MANIC week if last year is anything to go by and of course here at The Pink Heart Society we'll be bringing you the same extensive coverage we did last year!!! In fact IF YOU'RE GOING TO SAN FRANCISCO and would like to ADD TO OUR REPORTS just let us know at thepinkheartsociety@hotmail.com and we'll get you all SIGNED UP!!!

Of course after the conference I have a few days to sight-see. And frankly I can't WAIT for this! I've wanted to see San Francisco since I was a teenager. The Golden Gate Bridge, Haight Ashbury, Alcatraz, Fisherman's Wharf, Napa Valley wine tours, the list is endless!!! So much to see and what I'm sure won't be anywhere enough time! So how do I narrow it down? What should I see? Where would you go if you were me???

Then we're off to Los Angeles, but a hop, skip and a jump by plane. Home of the stars, the movie studios, the glamor of Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive. Obviously a few tours are a MUST. Star spotting will be an inevitable disease to creep up on me... And since I'm currently writing a book set there I've already been doing research on what to see and do. But again - how to narrow it down??? So put yourself in my shoes and help me make the choices. What would you do, where would you go, what would you take pictures of? This last one is crucial of course cos whatever I end up taking pictures of is what will end up right here on this blog...

You can see my dilemma really, can't you? And that's if I survive the angst of what to pack and what not to pack. But that's a whole nother blog that one... So what would YOU go see???

One Random commenter will even have the pleasure of postcards from each of Trish's destinations and some books from the RWA Conference!!!

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  1. Trish, I didn't see your name on the RWA author signing on Wednesday. Are you just going to enjoy the evening or was there a misprint? I'm making my list of which authors I really really want to make sure I stop by and say "hi" to and get to sign my brand new canvas bag purchased with RWA in mind. :)

    Where would I go? sigh.. I'd love to go back to Australia and spend more time in Port Douglas and the Great Barrier Reef.

    If you are talking about the States, I make sure you get up to see the redwoods. They are very impressive trees. (Muir Woods)

    If you have time drive up to Point Reyes National Seashore.

  2. Hi Ann! Nope not signing this year, enjoying and doing the rounds with my camera instead... PHS authors BEWARE and remember to SMILE. But if you see me roving at any stage during the week Ann COME SAY HI!!! And if there's an ikkle corner left on the bag I'll be GLAD to sign it ;) What a FUN thing to do! I LOVE that idea!

    Australia is SO on my list. All those places you mentioned and at least a dozen more. I had really hoped to go this year but it's just not going to happen I'm afraid. When I DO go I plan on being there for weeks and weeks. Have so many friends out there now and relly close friends of mine moved there a couple of years ago so I have my very own place to sleep already there ;)

    Redwoods sound like a fab thing to see! They're HUGE aren't they? Shall add that to the list - THANKYOU!

    See you in SF!

  3. Trish - I'm a total Yankees tragic, and though I've been to NY a couple of times, I've never been to a Yankees game. Wanna go for me??????


  4. Boo hiss Yankees. Although they are building a new stadium so to be able to say you're been in Yankee Stadium.

    If your are in NYC now.. I'd go see the "Falls" exhibit. Really have to take a ferry ride with my dh to see these falls.

  5. Ok Ally you know I love you... BUT I'm not sure I can sit through a game I don't understand... Now if it had been the NY Giants playing I'd SO BE THERE. But baseball... I just don't get... :(

    Oooohhhh Ann are those the waterfalls like the one off the Brooklyn Bridge??? Now THAT I could DEF go see!

  6. What an awesome trip you have planned! In New York you should see the Madame Tussaud wax museum if you haven't been there yet. It is awesome! In LA you've got to see the Hollywood stuff...the famous Chinese theater, tours of homes, etc. In San Fran the must-see things are the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Sausalito, and Alcatraz. Gee, all the sights AND the conference! Have a great time!

  7. If I was going to be in San Diego I would definatly go to the ZOO and take pictures of the animals. I was there in the early 60s with my parents and we spent one whole day there and didn't see everything.

  8. Hi Cheri! Yes I'm very excited about it! And me being me the excitement is starting to become blind panic as the date to fly approaches...

    Ahhh now Toussaud's tempted me last year I have to say. 42nd Street isn't it? I think I walked past it the night I got a little bit lost in Manhattan and ended up with blisters the size of footballs. (It took me three attempts to find the right word to ask for what we call sticking plasters here at home.) And I see they have a fancy new 4d cinema experience there now so YES that one is on the list I feel ;)

    In Hollywood I'm close to the Chinese Theatre so thats a definite, tour of the homes - well I think you kinda gotta really don't you? ;) And in SF they're ALL on the list. Somehow I think I'm going to end up exhausted but MAN will it be worth it!!!

  9. Hi Ellen yes now you see I'm a bit of a Zoo fanatic. I can't go to Dublin and not go to the Zoo so I have a feeling I'd be like a little kid in San Diego! They have something like 800 odd animals there?! That's like more PEOPLE than live in my local village...

    OK. Zoo is on the list ;)

  10. Trish --
    Try to go to the Hotel Del Coronado in San Diego. YOu might recognise it. It was used in Some Like It Hot and served as inspiration for the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz.
    Napa/Sooma is about an hour's drive north of SF, over the Golden Gate bridge. It is a serious day trip but the wineries are lovely. I have never understood the fascination with Alcatraz. I always preferred Angel Island. I think the best views of the Golden Gate Bridge are on the opposite side, and up the hil, take the first exit after you cross the bridge. It is also a great place for watching raptors. Make sure you ride a cable car and Fisherman's wharf is good fun, particularly ghiradelli Square for hot fudge sundaes. The sourdough french bread is also great.
    Can you tell I am suffering from slight homesickness...

  11. *Trish c&p's Michelle's comment for future reference* ;)

    Yes your homesickness IS showing... And you moved to rainy England becauuussseeee???

    Shall think of you while eating hot fudge sundaes!!!

  12. In New York - I'd add trying to get tickets at TKTS (1/2 price tickets) for a Broadway show.

    Just left my head but my girlfriend was telling me about a "diner" in NYC down by Times Square where they waiter staff sings. http://www.ellensstardustdiner.com/

    If you like zoos the Central Park Zoo is nice and then there is the Bronx Zoo.

  13. Hi Trish. I hope you have a great trip.
    I would love to see the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Fisherman's Warf, the Golden Gate Bridge.

  14. Trish,
    How great to be travelling to so many wonderful places. What an experience. Niagara Falls would be fabulous, but it is not close to NYC. Enjoy it all since this will be memorable.

  15. Hi Trish,
    Your trip looks wonderful and I hope you enjoy every minute no matter what you do. It's been a few years since I have been in New York City but I would visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art again if I had the chance. It is just the most amazing place.

  16. What a great trip! IN NYC go to a wonderful deli, a real deli which is special and unique.

  17. Impressive trip. Lovely places and unforgettable. Whatever you see will be a deight. Take plenty of photos and Chinatown in S.F. will be worth seeing.

  18. So much to see and do. What a nice choice of destinations. The Getty museum in L.A. is a place to behold. Have a great trip.

  19. Trish

    Definitely do the Yankees game, I loved it, baseball may not be the beautiful game, but it's a whole lot better than American football (sorry, yanks, but I just don't get that game, at all!)

    And have breakfast at the Pershing Square Cafe just outside Grand Central Station. Fantastic. And if you've got a few hundred dollars to spare my sons swear by The Little Mermaid on Broadway.

    In LA I'd head to Pacific Palisades - lots of muscly guys on rollerskates (probably gay, but frankly who cares when they've got buns of steel!)

    Can you tell I'm working in an office this week and going stir crazy?

    See you in Frisco, hon.

    Heidi x

  20. NY is my hometown. The Bronx Zoo has a new Madagascar exhibit. There's always something to see at the Met and Museum of Natural History. I would like to visit San Fran again. It's such a lovely city.

  21. Oooohhh Ann Broadway shows!!!! See I hmmm and haaaa so much over which one to see last year that in the end I didn't see any. And next year I'm taking my eldest neice to the States with me and she's mad keen to see one so I've kinda promised I'd wait and share the first time experience with her so we can rave about it together... Its her last summer between High School and Uni so its our bonding trip... Auntie Thelma and Louise if you like ;)

    The diner sounds like fun tho! Am bookmarking that one!!! Oooh and more Zoo's... the DILEMMA...

  22. Crystal sounds like you and me would make GREAT travel companions! ALL THOSE are on my list too ;)

  23. Traveler yes I'm REALLY looking forward to it I have to say. Makes all the slaving away in the cave during the rest of the year worthwhile and traveling was one of the things I always dreamed of doing if I ever became a writer ;) Have laptop will travel. And Niagra falls is on my list for next year for sure as niece and I start our trip in Boston which is MUCH closer ;)

  24. Hi Maureen and THANK YOU! I'll do my best! Art museum sounds FANTASTIC. I studied History of Art at School for a while and I LOVE wandering through galleries! Thanks for that one!

  25. Anne you've just reminded me of something from last year in New York! On one of the open topped bus tours they pointed out the Deli where that famous scene from When Harry Met Sally was filmed! I meant to go back there and never did so MUST try and do that this year!!!

  26. Hi Ruth! Yes I'm afraid I'm a complete maniac with a camera on these trips ;) I have soooo many from last year and this year I've invested in a larger memory card for my digital camera so lord help you all! I think where I'm staying after the conference is fairly close to China town in SF and I've always wanted to go to one of those little tea shops and have the whole tea experience if that makes sense! Shall DEF take pics if I do!

  27. Ooooh Diane is that the one with the really modern architecture and a park built round it? I think I saw some pics of it when researching this book I really should get a move on with before I go ;) Shall add it to list....

    You know this trip could really do with being about a month longer ;)

  28. Hi Heidi!!! Not long to go now my precious! TELL ME you haven't got a wrap for your RITA dress before me!!!!!!!!!

    Muscle men on roller skates. Hmmm. Let me mull that one over. I'm there on the muscles for the - erm - scenic value... But on roller skates?! Not convinced... And won't there be an equal number of skeletal women in bikinis to make me feel like something the size of the Goodyear Blimp???

    Shall mull that one over.

    Didn't do Grand Central Station last year tho...GOOD CALL.

  29. Jane I am SO JEALOUS of you having NY as your hometown! One of my dreams is to rent an apartment for a month or two and stay there. Sigh. Maybe one day! And Madagascar exhibit may well sway me ;)

    I LOVED the museum of Natural History last year. It has the most AMAZING displays and that huge whale hanging from the ceiling took my breath away. You really don't realize how flipping huge they are till you see a model like that! And the dinosaurs!!! Only thing that kinda took the edge off it for me was I kept thinking how much my nieces and nephews would have LOVED it. I think it's a real family day out...

    And yes and VERY EXCITED about SF. This blog and all the comments have me even more excited than I was before!

    Will let the comments run for ONE MORE DAY gang and will then put the names in the hat for the postcards and the books so the winner can send me their snail mail addy before I go ;)

  30. new orleans all the food and sites and musci

    kim h

  31. Trish...not one person mentioned Comic Con. NOT ONE. ANd dearest, you KNOW which line I'd be in. Seeing as I'm the ONLY one.....


    Your DC Roomie

  32. Trish,

    Sounds like the trip of a lifetime. If I had to offer any suggestions on where to go, what to see I'd most probably put the following itinerary forward;

    New York, go visit the fire stations. Plenty to choose from, plenty to see.
    San Diego, go hang out at the local fire station. Loads of stuff going on there.
    San Fransisco, check out where all those shiny fire trucks are parked, spend some quality time 'interviewing' red hot fire men.
    Los Angeles, you should definitely go and see where the men who can hose you down call home. I imagine it would be very entertaining.

    Just a few suggestions.
    Wherever you go, enjoy it girl and make sure you take loadsa photos.


  33. Trish you and I have something in common -- if a city I visit has a zoo I go see it. Washington, DC has a zoo also. I've been several times. And before digital cameras I'd come back from the zoo with at least 3 rolls of pictures.

  34. Ghiradelli hot fudge sundaes are a religious experience...and See's Candies started there...and the Scharffen Berger factory...yeah. I have a chocolate tic at the moment...

    Queue up for Smallville :) You know you wanna...

  35. Trish -

    I visited NYC with my daughter last fall and had an absolute blast! Love the city as well! I have much more to see, so future visits are in store.

    Since I'm a former San Diego gal, I would have to recommend the Zoo or the Wild Animal Park - world class. Or if you don't have as much time, go the Scripps Aquarium in La Jolla then go down into town and check out all the neat (but expensive) shops and have lunch at one of the best Mexican restaurants in the world - Alfonsos!

    Balboa Park (right by the zoo) is beautiful to walk around in and has several museums. And if you're going to be downtown, take a half a day harbour cruise - a neat way to see the city from the water (http://www.sdhe.com/san-diego-harbor-tours.html) - see the Star of India - go shopping & have lunch at Seaport Village right on the harbour or shop at Horton Plaza.

    The trolley will take you around town and you can catch the coaster (commuter train that runs along the beach) to go up to North County to check out the cute surfers on the beaches!

    There's so much to do, you won't fit it all in, but you'll have fun! I'm so jealous! San Francisco is great as well. Sigh - I guess I'll have to live vicariously thru you this summer.