Wednesday, July 30, 2008

RWA Goodie Room

Yes it's Jenna's favourite room at the conference. I visited it more times with her last year than I've seen second cousins I have in the last TEN YEARS. I jest you not. Now last year I remember there be a shedload of books. This year not so much. But then in fairness I didn't have Jenna bouncing from one foot to the other like a four year old in need of the bathroom wanting to get there as the flipping sun came up...

So maybe they were already gone...???

Anyhoos to the uninitiated the Goodie room is where all things shiny and free are located. Bookmarks, pens, sweets, DVD's of book promo trailers, fridge magnets, key chains, badges... a partridge in a pear tree... Okay I lie about the last one but NOTHING would surprise me. Thing is there are so many goodies it can be a bit baffling. Some names I knew, some not. So do I gather stuff from the ones I don't and go exploring on google or do I stick with the ones I know and collect stuff from my favs??? A dilemma. I HATE dilemmas. Darnnit.

In the meantime I got a couple of books and some rather funny badges involving use of words like chocolate..

You can see from the pics that people are fairly inventive and some of the presentation is AMAZINGLY CUTE. I liked the cowboys boots and chocolate kisses always impress me... there's probably a very dirty book plot in there somewhere ;)

Right - off to get changed for my role as PHS photographer at the book signing. People are queuing up already!!!


  1. Can you grab some goodies for those of us who never got to go??? That room looks like fun.

  2. I am so sad I am missing the goodie room...perhaps I should PayPal Trish enough funds to ship me a selection of books! The books I am missing...I can hear them calling my name!