Monday, July 21, 2008

Male on Monday: Milo Ventimiglia

This week, Fiona Harper takes a look at an up and coming actor who not only is quite yummy now, but has serious potential to get even hotter as he gets older. Watch this space. And especially this chest… (Cos I know you all love a bare chest!)

I first spotted Milo Ventimiglia in Gilmore Girls as Rory’s love interest. I must admit, although he was an intriguing bad boy character, I didn’t pay him much attention as he was supposed to be seventeen. Anyway, I was too busy going gooey over Scott Patterson who played Luke Danes. Oh, what the heck, I’ll throw in a photo of him as well – just for the hell of it. This is Male on Monday, after all. The post where less is definitely not enough…

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes. Milo. Much as I mourned the disappearance of Gilmore Girls, I have found a new show to obsess over – Heroes. Love it. Love it. Love it. And up popped sweet little Milo as Peter Petrelli, one of the show’s central characters.

And, my, isn’t he growing up nicely? He’s one of those baby-faced actors who just doesn’t look his 31 years, and I have a feeling that he’s one of those guys who is just going to grow into his looks and get better as he ages and gets more rugged. Anyone agree?

Although Milo had a long relationship with his Gilmore Girls co-star, Alexis Bledel, Apparently, he’s now dating his Heroes co-star Hayden Panettiere, which has raised a few eyebrows, as she’s only 18. Latest gossip (unconfirmed) says he’s been shopping for rings…

Here are a few more Milo fact to go with the yummy pics:

Born: 8th July 1977, Anaheim, California.

Height: 5’9”

Eyes: Brown (and they are fabulous melting chocolate brown, too…)

He is of Sicilian Italian descent on his father's side and a combination of Irish, English, Scottish, French, Cherokee and Blackfoot descent on his mother's.

He has a '67 Chevelle Super Sport named "Evelyn", which he says he drives like a granny because he's terrified of denting it.

Quote: “I'm tough on the outside and soft on the inside...I'm really a shy guy.”

Are we ready to melt yet?

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  1. Hmmmmmmmmm Too short for Trish (who, btw, has arrived safely in New York). IMO it's probably a good thing if he does pair up with an 18 year old if he's not going to age fairly!

    I'm going to have to rent the 'Gilmore Girls'. Missed it completely and now it's you and Ally, Fiona!

  2. It's on E4 in the daytime at the moment! I'mhopaing they'll keep going right to the end, because I haven't seen the last series yet.

  3. Ah, thanks, Fiona. I've been looking for someone to age into a character I've been 'raising' to be a hero. He's still a bit young, but by the time he's the right ago, Milo looks as if he might be the perfect fit.

    I do love the research we all get to do for these Monday slots! Not to mention the research everyone else does that I get to profit from afterwards! Thanks!