Monday, July 28, 2008

Male on Monday :: Andy Garcia

Ally Blake went searching through her rather comprehensive "hero" folder on the look out for someone who had yet to be highlighted in this here blog and didn't even get past the letter A before she found a amn she was shocked to discover had yet to grace the pages of the Pink Heart Society. She gives you…Andy Garcia.

I first fell in love with Andy Garcia in Black Rain, a sharp glossy Ridley Scott movie in which he starred alongside Michael Douglas as an American cop in Japan. Our Andy was the side kick. Beautiful, warm, and tragic. Just thinking about his death scene in that movie still gets me choked up.

I was fifteen back then. And in lurve ;). How could I not be? The dark hair, puppy dog brown eyes, that hint of a Cuban accent, those kissable lips, that earnest stare. He's just so utterly yum.

About the man

Born Andrés Arturo García Menéndez in 1956, the son of an attorney and an English teacher, our Andy was brought up in Cuba. Fidel Castro came to power when he was five years old and his family fled to Miami. At school he dreamed of playing professional baseball (no wonder I love him so!!!) but illness meant he gave up sport, and took up acting.

He has been married since 1982 and has four kids. And according to IMDB he owns 25 conga drums and collects hats. A well-rounded man to be sure ;).

About the man's work

He was young, cute and earnest in The Untouchables, at the height of his solo bankabililty in Hero, beautiful, moving, heartbreaking in the uber-weepie When a Man Loves a Woman, at the point of using his clout to make the movies he wanted to make in For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story.

And then in 2001 he was reinvented for the Oceans Eleven movies, as fabulously slick, mean, and gorgeous bad guy Terry Benedict.

So, he played baseball. Tick! He's dark and gorgeous. Tick! And he took over 'the family' at the end of Godfather III. For a girl who after that movie decided she was going to marry an Italian, that's about as big a tick as I can give!

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  1. Hi Ally

    Have to say Andy's way to slick for me. I like em a lot more rough around the edges. But there was something about him in When a Man Loves a Woman - which was much more moving than I expected.

  2. I have always like Andy Garcia as an actor. I thought he was particularly good in Things to Do in Denver When You are Dead.

  3. Oh my God,

    Is Andy really 52 years old? He could give some of the younger boys a run for their money. He's fab, the accent gets me every time. And that scene in The Godfather where he helps ????, sorry can't remember her name, helps her to make pasta? Oh lord, sexy as sin.