Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Writers Wednesday :: Reflections on 2008

2008 has almost come to a close so PHS editor Ally Blake though it a good a time as any for those of us who love to write to look back over the year that was.

Calling All First Timers!

I know some of you out there took the brave and wonderful step of starting to write your first book this year. How did you get on? Did you have fun? Did you struggle and suffer and feel like you were really a writer because of it ;)? Better yet, did you finish? If so a round of applause from us all!!!!!

Do you think your book is any good? My first book was awful. Horrible. Cliched. I called it "Fallen Angels" – or during the times when I wanted to throw it at the wall for being so frustrating, I called it "The Muted Heart" after the romantic movie the guys get stuck going to see in Seinfeld. It had a movie star hero, way too much backstory, a red-haired green eyed evil woman who was caught kissing the hero in the first scene. And that's more than I've ever shared with anyone! Noooobody will ever read it, likely not even me ;). So if you feel as though your efforts have not been up to par, take hope. Practice makes perfect. The more you write the better you get.

Breakthrough Writers Please Stand Up!

There are some of you who sold your first book this year. Wow, what an achievement.

I remember my "the call" as if it happened a week ago, not nearly six years ago. I remember where I was sitting, what I was wearing, how I hit my hand on the ceiling I jumped so high in excitement. I don't much remember the rest of the night drowned as it was in champagne ;).

So you breakthrough fabbos, are you in for a ride. You first sale, your first contract, your first title, the first time you see your book on Amazon, your first cover, the first box of author copies that arrive on your doorstep, the first time a friend or family member reads you book. All magical.

Congrats and enjoy!!!

Old-timers Wave Your Hands in the Air!

This writing game never gets any easier, so those PHS members out there who've been writing for a while and got through 2008 unscathed, kudos!

How many words did you write (and delete ;))? How many books did you sell? What wonderful events in your life this year can be writing attributed; conferences, travels, lunches, movies seen, new people met, books read? How many new friends did you make from this gig? New magic moments did you have while writing a book? New hurdles did you overcome when you thought you never would?

So many of our PHS gang have been nominated for awards, have hit bestseller lists, have written the books of their hearts, have broken through with new publishers, new genres, new shiny ideas on what they'd like to try next year. Congrats to you all!!!

And keep those books coming, guys, without you how would we spend our lazy holidays days?

And most of all, a big hug to our readers.

To know that you are out there enjoying our books is the greatest gift this business has to offer. The mail we receive when a story has touched you, moved you, made you laugh out loud makes our days.

Hope you all, readers and writers alike, stumbled upon some new favourite reads, glommed backlists of new favourite authors, and rediscovered some old favourites

Wishing you all more happy reading in 2009!!!

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