Friday, July 11, 2008

Film on Friday - Slipper and The Rose

This Friday - a little late because of computer problems - our Natasha brings us one of her favourite movies of all time ....... Slipper and the Rose.

Okay so you all know the story - it's Cinderella. A musical version - and it's simply charming.

First released in 1976, it was nominated for two Oscars and was chosen as the Royal Command Performance motion picture selection for that year.

It's tagline: You'll forget every other love story you ever saw . . . or sang to.

Prince Edward (Richard Chamberlain) is heir to the throne of Euphrania, a small kingdom threatened by war on all sides. His parents want him to marry, partly to secure the succession but also secure them an ally. Edward, wanting to marry for love, has refused all likely princesses and they hit upon the marvellous idea of a 'Bride Finding Ball' as the solution.

Meanwhile, Cinderella (Gemma Graven), as the story usually goes, has lost her mother and is forced to work as a servant in her own home. I could describe her but I may as well show you. Here's the bit where she visits her mother's grave.

There's so much about this movie I love. Michael Horden as the King. Margaret Lockwood as the stepmother. The wonderful Edith Evans as the Queen Mother. My personal favourite has to be Annette Crosbie as the Fairy Godmother. She has THE best line - said as an answer as to why she's not dressed as one would imagine a fairy godmother would dress.

And then there's the bit where Cinderella arrives at the ball. I love this bit.

And, of course, Prince Edward falls in love with Cinderella and she with him. Then it strikes midnight ...

When Prince Edward finds Cinderella it isn't the end of the story. Remember Euphrania is threatened by war???? Well, Cinderella isn't a suitable bride and she's bundled off into exile. This still makes me cry.

Fortunately the Fairy Godmother reappears and sets all to rights. That's not spoiling the story for you, is it? It all happens just as Prince Edward is about to marry someone else and, well, it's just funny!

Anyway, because it's part of my childhood and I love watching it with my daughter now, I'm going to give The Slipper and The Rose a Pink Heart Fuzzy Rating of 10 out 10.

Much love

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  1. My daughters have been watching Ever After everyday of these school holidays, and I'm getting slightly sick of it, I'd forgotten about Slipper and the Rose..., I might have to see if it's at Video Ezy.

  2. I love that movie, too, Natasha. And Annette Crosbie was just fabulous.