Monday, June 23, 2008

Male on Monday - Those Canadian Boys!

This Male on Monday Donna Alward takes us north to Canada, for some actors that are well known and some that are not...but maybe should be!

Seeing as Canada's birthday is just around the corner, I thought I should celebrate some of the boys from north of the border.

First up....Keanu Reeves. We saw him in The Matrix, and Speed, and some other stuff, but for me my fave with him is also a fave of Pink Hearter Trish Wylie....THE LAKE HOUSE.

At first glance, you think this is Tom, right? WRONG! This is none other than Brendan Fraser. Now he was born in Indiana, but to Canadian parents and spent lots of his formative years in Ontario, so I figure we have at least an equal claim on him. I LOVED him in THE MUMMY movies.

Aaron Douglas...little known actor but one with scads of credits, actually. He's from Vancouver and we see him reading here on the set of Battlestar Galactica (and don't we love a reader, ladies???). He's an every guy's guy, and his passion for hockey something to behold. Best thing about him: his sense of humour. You might have seen him in The Exorcism of Emily Rose.

Ah yes...David James Elliot. Star of long running series JAG as Commander Harmon Rabb. He was born in Ontario and quit high school to pursue a music career....only to decide that wasn't such a good idea. He went back to school, started acting, and made the move to LA. In 2006 he joined the cast of Close To Home and he also starred in a tv movie called The Man Who Lost Himself. This should appeal to all category romance writers as it's a true story about amnesia!

Ryan Reynolds, ex of another Canuck star, Alanis Morissette. These days he's hooked up with Scarlet Johannson, and wedding bells are on the horizon. I know this pic is a little grainy, but my word. The six pack (or is that a dozen, holy doodle) is worth it.

I absolutely loved him in JUST FRIENDS.

And my final selection (and I've hardly skimmed the surface of Canadian hotness) is Tahmoh Penikett.

Penikett was born in the city of Whitehorse, in the Yukon, and his background, which includes strong ties to the Upper Tanana tribe and their traditions, led him to his love of storytelling.

If you're a Smallville fan, he was the Super Soldier in those episodes, and he's also been on Cold Squad and The L Word. Right now he's arguably one of the best characters on Battlestar Helo. He is a real hero's hero.

So...who are some of your favourite Canadians?

Battlestar Galactica is finishing it's run for this season....with another half-season to go next year. Now Donna is scouring IMDB to find out what projects her favourite actors are up to next! In the meantime she's working on her next project for Harlequin Romance.


  1. Keanu is the cause of one of my all-time guiltiest pleasures. I saw Point Break in the movie theater and I've rented it more times than I care to admit.

    He's in the FBI, what can I say?

    Also, I love Friday Night Lights and while Taylor Kitsch is way too young for me to drool over (he's eminently drool worthy, I just prefer not to feel like an old pervy lady), I get a kick out of hearing him speak in his real life Candadian accent when he's so clearly a Texan on the show.

    Nice selection of guys. I recently read a really cool article about Aaron Douglas going out of his way to respect his fans. Seems like an awesome guy.

    I'm going to have to crack and watch Battlestar, aren't I?


  2. Not heart throbs in the usual sense, but Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles get my vote purely for being able to make me laugh until tears are streaming down my face!

  3. Hayden Christiansen, Joshua Jackson, Ryan Gosling, Scott Speedman, Shawn Ashmore... you may need to do a part two ;)

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  5. I never knew Keanu was Canadian... ah yes, Point Break... soooo goood...
    and I can't walk past Brendan Fraser - he's lovely - nice 'n strong looking!

  6. Jenna, write down that list. More than happy to do a part 2 later.

    Ellen....YES! You are going to have to break down. I missed the last 3 epis of this half-season due to the move, but someone nice is mailing me dvd's.

  7. Michael J. Fox, Lorne Greene, William Shatner(real campy, I know), and the late great Peter Jennings, whom I still miss every night when I watch the news!


  8. Love Keanu, and have to agree with LindaC--Peter Jennings. Loved him on the news, and I saw him in person once and had a complete fangirl moment :)

  9. Has anyone mentioned that Tahmoh is going to be in Dollhouse opposite Eliza Dushku? This is Joss Whedon's new series. It's gonna be big!

  10. Oh Gosh, I had forgotten about that? I heard that Joss was really keen to get Tahmoh on board.

    And how much do we love JW anyway? :-)

    I bet we'll get Trish started with that one....and a Nathan Fillion post? Crap! There's another Canadian I missed! I AM going to have to do another post.

  11. Donna, you can leave out Adam Beach. And for those who watched Wonderfalls, you have to love Tyrone Leitso.