Monday, June 09, 2008

Male on Monday - Ignancio 'Nacho' Figueras

This week our Natasha brings you a Male on Monday to set your pulses racing .....

I was 'googling' deserts, as you do, and I happened across a Ralph Lauren advert which, naturally, led me to YouTube. A few more Ralph Lauren YouTubes and I discovered Ignacio 'Nacho' Figueras. Definitely one for the files, I thought.

I was feeling particularly smug but then I discovered India Grey had already found him and has nearly finished a book with him as her inspiration. You'd have thought she'd share, wouldn't you????? With friends like that .... :)

But, well, here he is.

While you may recognise him as the face of Ralph Lauren's Polo Black fragrance his 'day job' is as a polo player for the award-winning Black Watch polo team, based in Palm Beach, Florida and Bridgehampton, New York. Oh and he breeds horses, too.

And, actually, he's quite a difficult subject for a Male on Monday because everything you read about him on the web varies. I'm not even sure I have his date of birth right! But, then, in the world of the romance author that really doesn't matter.

So here goes ...

Born to an affluent family in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nacho was introduced to the polo at age 8 (although it could be 9) by his father, an environmental engineer and polo enthusiast. By 17 he was a professional. It's a dangerous sport and Nacho has had a broken nose, broken collarbones, a concussion and 25 stitches so far ..

Birth Name: Ignacio Figueras
DOB: May 25, 1977
Relationship: Wife Delfina Blaquier

Children: son (although some sources say a girl) Hilario and daughter Aurora
Height: 6'1" / 185 cm
Shirt: 15.5 X 35
Waist: 33 / 83
Inseam: 34 / 85
Suit: 42L
Shoe: 10 / 43
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

It's always useful to know a man's inseam measurement. :)

And, really for Trish because she judges a man by how he sits on a horse, here's another YouTube. Worth it for the rest of us because you can hear him talk!

2.55 minutes well spent!! What do we think??

Much love

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  1. See now THIS ONE is a KEEPER!

    Looks like that is that height AND is good on a horse. It doesn't get any better than that ;)

    All to do with rhythm and cadence and feel on a horse you know...Need I say more???

    Now Natasha - can we have a SINGLE one of these please?!

  2. I'm looking ...........

    But darn it I'm married. You ought to be looking for yourself!

  3. I'm thinking I could really get to enjoy watching polo...

  4. Hey Natasha,

    I wouldn't normally be a Ralph Lauren kinda girl but round about now I'm considering that mabye I don't myself all that well.

    I really need to start broadening my horizons and I think its fair to say you may have started a new trend for me.

    Cheers for that.
    I know I shouldn't do this here but having seen Trish is on board can I please ask for confirmation of her email address. I know how incredibly busy she is but I was lucky enough to win a book and I emailed her. Not entirely sure I got the address right and I'd hate for her to think I didn't want my prize!!!!

    Thanks so much,

  5. He's delicious, isn't he? I have had such fun with this book, I tell you...

    Most polo players do seem to be married, sadly, and they also seem to have a higher than average gorgeousness rating. Check out Adolfo Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres on google images too. And never let it be said I'm not a sharing kind of a girl!

  6. I will agree with polo players having a higher than average gorgeousness rating. I suspect there is something to the How a Man looks on a Horse theory.

  7. Woo hoo, thank you for sharing him, Natasha. Trish, your comment has brought fantasies to my mind that are definitely unsuitable for a happily married woman!