Monday, June 16, 2008

Male On Monday:: Carter Oosterhouse

This Monday At The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie brings you a rather lovely gift she had emailed to her recently... meet Carter Oosterhouse...

Ladies - YOU'RE WELCOME. I could pretty much just post the pics of this guy and they would speak for themselves. N'est pas??? He has hero material oozing from every pore in my humble opinion.

And he's EXACTLY why I LOVE the hero database on my website... cos without it, the very lovely Sally might never have emailed him to me. And MAN what a LOSS that would have been! To my writing buddies across the pond I have this to say - WHY-OH-WHY has this guy NEVER been pointed out to me BEFORE NOW?! Huh?! To Jenna in particular - if you KNEW about him and never told me... *insert manic laughter*... cute baby to distract me with or no cute baby... you're goin' DOWN my friend.

Now back to the gorgeous Carter.

Carter Nicholas Oosterhouse was born on 19th September 1976 and raised in Traverse City, Michigan. The youngest of four children he began learning carpentry skills at the age of 11 and continued working in construction and carpentry on and off throughout high school and college.

A natural athlete, he excelled in sports and attended Central Michigan University on a rugby scholarship. Carter continues to be an avid sports enthusiast and counts basketball, kayaking, horseback riding, hockey, sailing, baseball and rugby among his favorites...

After earning his Bachelor of Arts in nutrition and communication, Carter relocated to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling and acting career. While struggling to get his big break he continued to work in carpentry to pay his bills; his first job in TV working behind-the-scenes for Project: Greenlight as a production assistant and tape coordinator. When going for an audition for a new show on TLC, Carter ended up landing a part on the already popular show Trading Spaces, and joined the cast in their fourth season. In that same year, TLC also added the spin-offs Trading Spaces: Family and Trading Spaces: Boys V. Girls to their programs, which allowed him the opportunity to work with children.

In 2004, Carter went on to do an episode of CBS Sunday Morning in New York in which he remodeled correspondent Bill Geist's office with the help of commentator Andy Rooney and in 2005 he was a contributor to NBC's show Three Wishes where he visited small towns across America to help wishes come true... (I'm assuming that was in carpentry and remodelling terms...)

From his first appearance on TV audiences took notice of the 6ft 2 carpenter (Yeah - I wonder why...) People magazine even featured him in their "Sexiest Man Alive" issue in 2003. He's also been on the cover and featured in many other publications including TV Guide, Star, US Weekly, Organic Style and USA Today.

Carter even charmed Oprah Winfrey, who has repeatedly had him on her show. Audiences may have also caught him several times on the Tony Danza Show, On-Air With RyanSeacrest, Inside Edition, The Tyra Banks Show and Extra. He even won $20,000 on Celebrity Poker for the Los Angeles-based charity Coach for Kids. Carter is happy to lend his time and talent to several children's charities including New York's Books for Kids, Coach for Kids and the Fulfillment Fund in Los Angeles.

Dunno about you lot but seems like a VERY worthy candidate for hero material in my book - no pun intended!

Apparently if called America's Favourite Handyman to his face - a tagname he gained after his contribution to the NBC morning show Today -Carter will half-chuckle and half-groan; he's considered one of TV's most down-to-earth and laid back personalities. He splits his spare time between his L.A. modern home and Michigan Victorian farm and has made even more of a name for himself with his TV Show Carter Can - the home improvement show that began in the Fall/Autumn of 2007 alongside The Inside Job; a behind-the-scenes view of Carter Can, which offers homeowners take away information. When asked what his favorite room was in his own homes he said:

The kitchen (in the Michigan home) is amazing. It's definitely set up for having friends and family over and entertaining. The kitchen has a very open floor plan where you can see into the living room, dining room and family room. Big island, concrete countertops, farmhouse sink with a gooseneck faucet, big, double-door fridge and freezer and a six-burner stove and range. The thing is I'm not even married yet or have kids, but I set it up for down the road. It's a great place to one day retire to."

Can't help but wonder how he'd feel about adding a writing room and a few horses at the door... But maybe that's just me...

Carter has established a new foundation for kids called Build It Up building playgrounds alongside members of the community starting in the Los Angeles Unified School District and as if that wasn't enough, he's an eco-friendly carpenter - finding ways to incorporate green solutions into each episode of his new show Carter Can - something he carries over into his own life...

Well. I'm sold. Anyone else think when it comes to inspiring a fictional hero Carter can...???

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  1. I think we need to see his brothers. It might cut down on the squabbling. :)

    But, professionally, yes! I can work with that.

  2. Actually, Anne McAlister got there first! This guy was the inspiration for Theo her hero in The Santorini Bride - he even wrote her blog (well, Theo did) back in January 2007. And yes - he's very inspirational

  3. Mmm, Trish, very nice. But why no pictures of him in his tool belt?? (so to speak)

  4. Isn't he lovely??? I'm VERY impressed with him. But yes, Natasha we may need to view the family tree as a whole to control the masses. I may also need you to biorhythm thingie for me ;)

    KATE!!! HE *WAS*??? See now no-one actually mentioned his NAME at the time so I still consider that withholding vital information. Such a shame too.... I LOVE Anne...

    Hmmm.... yes Heidi... there were several candidates for that shot... it was choosing one! Anyhoos I gotta leave you guys something to google, right???

  5. Hoo boy, off to Google now, thanks for sharing, Trish!