Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Temptation Tuesday - Men in Tuxedos

This Temptation Tuesday, Romance author Myrna Mackenzie treats us to a guilty pleasure...the lovely eye candy that is MEN IN TUXEDOS.

There's something a little…um…obsessive about a woman who spends so much time cruising the Internet looking for men in tuxedos, but there it is. I like to look at hunky guys in suits.

It's not that I don't like other type of men (or like writing about other type of men). I do. Cowboys are great. In fact, I've been living with a rich rancher for the past few months right up until I turned that book in on Monday. And construction workers are pretty fantastic, too.

But mostly I write about rich guys. I pretty much fell into that on my very first book and I've been at it ever since.

I've thought about the appeal of all those tuxedoes. Why do I do this? It's not the money, I don't think. It's a whole lot of things. Partly it's about jumping into another world and creating a fantasy that's miles away from the world where I grew up. I love researching the grandeur, the romance, the clothing. Men who wear tuxedoes tend to socialize with women in ball gowns with elegant hair and shoes and jewels.

Plus, men who wear tuxedoes inevitably (at least in my books) live in mansions or on estates. They have rooms set aside for doing things that most of us don't have. There are theaters and ballrooms and weight rooms and billiard rooms and libraries. How cool is that! (Well, maybe I could do without the weight room). I love dreaming up details just about the house alone (yes, I am one of those women who used to buy books of house plans for houses I never could have afforded to build…and I was okay with that. I just like to window shop, so to speak). I take virtual tours of the hero's house in my mind. I clip pictures. I live in my hero's house. For a few months it's as much mine as his. And he lets me do this! No questions asked.

Move out onto the grounds of his estate, and there are gardens (with gardeners), maybe a maze, pathways, benches, fountains, gazebos and swimming pools. I long for a gazebo and let me tell you, the heroes I'm talking about are amenable to sharing their possessions. No selfishness there.

Their kitchens (which they, of course, rarely set foot in, because they have an entire collection of servants including a cook) are dream kitchens, the kind that make true cooks (not me) drool.

And their cars are sleek, fast and foreign or elegant with all the amenities. Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Aston Martins.

Of course, I don't find just any rich guy appealing. In reality, I'm kind of a down-to-earth woman who likes the outdoors, the simple life, loves my humble abode and is crazy about my non-millionaire guy (who has made me laugh and dried my tears for many years). So, tuxedo or no, estate or no estate, my millionaires and billionaires have to have heart. (Let's face it, in their heart of hearts, they're cowboys with nicer clothing and without the boots).

They have to love animals (have to), and they must, must, must care about those less fortunate than them. This guy is powerful, so he protects the weak, does not countenance fools and uses his money for good. He is generous to others.

But, he's not perfect. Far from it. That would be boring. There has to be a bit of the bad boy in him (sometimes a lot of the bad boy), or maybe he has a tortured past. His family has been a trial or he's made mistakes. Oh yes, he has made mistakes.

And he'll get around to talking about those mistakes eventually. He'll suffer for them. He'll almost lose the love of his life because of them.

But in the meantime…he looks totally hot in a tuxedo. And that's impressive.

Myrna's latest Harlequin Romance, The Heir's Convenient Wife is a May release.

Romantic Times says: "Myrna Mackenzie continues The Wedding Planners with THE HEIR'S CONVENIENT WIFE, making an old fashioned scenario work like a charm thanks to complex characters and a romance that develops slowly and sweetly." (4-1/2 stars – Top Pick)

You can visit Myrna (and her men in tuxedos) at her website or at The Wedding Planners Blog.


  1. Bad boys in tuxedos - or just faded jeans and a T-shirt. Yummy. Cheers Myrna, you've made my day.

  2. I love a sexy guy in a tux. Especially men with dark hair, dark eyes and a deep tan. Something about the elegance contrasted with rugged good looks is fascinating to me. And who doesn't love the symbolism--rich, rich, rich. Too few places to wear them any more unless the folks move in posh circles.