Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday Film Night - Non-Romance Movies?

Paula Roe is here to talk about finding the romance in non-romantic movies, showing us exactly how love is all around us even when it's not meant to be!

Ok Paula...lights, camera...action!

When watching The Matrix for my Keanu fix the other day, an interesting thought occurred to me: for an action flick, it made for a pretty good romance. Which got me thinking - the "non-romance" movies that really command my interest always include some form of romantic/relationship thread. Not surprising, since love in its many forms contribute to the backbone of storytelling. It's the 'human interest' aspect of the story that people remember the most: Titanic would just be another navel disaster without Jack and Rose, right? And Speed would just be another action/adventure story if not for Annie and Jack (don't even talk to me about the travesty that was Speed 2... it's stricken from my memory banks.)

So I embarked upon a detailed study of my DVD collection. After weeding out all the obvious romances (Love Actually, You've Got Mail et al) I found a bunch of action, thriller and sci fi movies that satisfied my romance requirement (i.e. where the hero or heroine don't die). Here's just a selection of them:

The Matrix

Apart from the appeal of a gorgeous Keanu Reeves (despite his acting skills), he's also the saviour of mankind. Couple Neo with Trinity, a strong, feisty woman who can fly choppers and ju-jitsu her way out of trouble. She's been told she'll love a man who's The One, he believes he's not. It's a movie strong on effects and a twisty plot, so the romance is just a bonus.


Whatever you may think of Sylvester Stallone as a romantic lead, he makes a damn fine job as a tortured hero. Shouldering the guilt of killing his best friend's girlfriend, he redeems himself by saving his ex and gaining his best friend's trust again. Set against the gorgeous Alaskan snowy mountains, the action will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the romance will have you smiling at the end.

Star Wars Episodes IV-VI

Forget the prequels, the real romance of Han Solo and Princess Leia is one of the most romantic stories ever. Spread out over three movies, it goes from a love/hate relationship to one of deep emotion. Who can forget Leia's expression when Darth Vader imprisons Han in carbonite? And of course, Leia, being the kick-ass heroine she is, goes to rescue him from Jaba the Hutt. Gotta love a girl who fights for her man (and doing it long before Buffy was the name du jour!)

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Archeology teacher by day, whip-wielding treasure seeker at night (and on weekends). Indiana Jones epitomises excitement and danger, and Marion just can't keep away (well, can you blame her?) When Indy thinks Marion is dead, he truly hits rock bottom, showing how deep his feelings run. I adore this movie (especially the scene where Marion kisses his ouchies better!) and have to watch it at least once a year.


Two words - Gerard Butler. :::swoon:::: As archeologist Andre Marek, he and his friends travel through time to rescue their professor during a French/English 14th century battle. But Marek falls in love with the doomed Lady Claire and ends up staying with her. Who wouldn't want a man who time travels and fights off the maurading hordes for you?

What non-romance movies have you seen that meet the romantic/relationship requirement? Share your thoughts!

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  1. I loved Sly's CLIFFHANGER! NOTE: His GF in that film was his 1-time REAL LIFE GF!
    Anyway, Sly needed to have more romance in ALL of his films. Only in THE SPECIALIST did he really get to have a love interest (in Sharon Stone). Even tho he's mainly thought of as an action star, he can be such a flirt!

  2. Hi Dianna! Hey, I also loved him in DAYLIGHT - his character was so wonderfully tortured, and he got the girl in the end, too :D