Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Temptation Tuesday : : Getting Away From It All

This week Anne McAllister, who is at her wit's as well as the book's end, is fantasizing about the great temptation of Getting Away From It All . . .

I am almost at the end of my ro- er, book.

You know how it is -- you start out with glee and enthusiasm. You can hardly wait to spend time with these wonderful delightful characters in this terrific romantic setting, and you're dying to watch them effortlessly (to you anyway, if not to them) achieve their happily ever after.

And then you wake up and realize it's all a dream.

You discover you're still a writer, and if the book is ever going to end, you -- not those wonderful delightful, but increasingly annoying irritating uncooperative characters -- are the one who is going to have to do the work.

You have to write the words and the pages and the paragraphs and if it's ever going to come right in the end, let's face it, it's up to YOU.

So . . . as I'm at the point now where it's Up To Me, you know I'm close enough to smell The End. I'm also tired enough to want to do nothing but sleep -- and dream about what I'm going to do after I Fin-Da-Boo.

Here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to get away from it all.

I'm not sure where yet -- probably nowhere I'm fantasizing about now. But the fantasies are ways of Getting Away From It All before I can actually get there in person.

So, in between tweaking and fiddling and writing madly, I've been thinking about where to get away.

Do I want a spa?

A quiet, pristine, healthy slightly spartan but still luxurious few days to get my groove back, to pamper my body as well as recharge it with a mud wrap? A massage? A bit of meditation? Light but nutritious food?

Do I want to rough it?

The weather's warmed up at last so camping out isn't the exercise in grimness that it would have been a few weeks and a few inches of snow ago. And there is something about getting back to nature -- hiking or horse packing into the mountains -- taking in the view from the mountaintop after spending months down among the trees?

What about a little jetsetting? A few days in Paris perhaps? The sights and sounds and smells and tastes of France?

A trip over the Spanish border to one of my favorite big cities, Barcelona?

Or a Greek island? A little sailing and sun on Santorini, perhaps?

Or if I'm going for an island, why not really get away from it all and head for Taveuni?

I wrote a book set there and I went there in my mind -- and heart -- for months. Can I scrape together the time to go in person?

It's certainly worth thinking about. Dreaming about. Finishing the book for.

What about you?

Where would you go if you were going to get away from it all? And would you go all by yourself?

Or would you, perhaps -- as long as you're fantasizing -- think of someone to share it with?

For Anne's last book, One-Night Love-Child, from Harlequin Presents in March '08 and from HM&B Modern in April '08, she managed to 'get away from it all' in the middle of the book and take a research trip to Ireland.

Not all books are so cooperative. Her next one,
Antonides' Forbidden Wife, coming in autumn is set in Hawaii and New York -- and she had to stay home and write!

Stop by her blog this week or come back on Saturday to find out where she's really going for her well-deserved R&R!

Here's a hint!


  1. If I were to go somewhere to get away from it all I would head to some place like the hotel in Glacier National Park or Yellowstone where I could enjoy the view and be lazy. Of course I would be able to stay for at least a week and I would probably go alone. But then I'm a little strange anyway.

  2. I would go to Hawaii or Tahiti if I wanted to relax. I don't like to travel alone, so I would probably ask a friend or friends to come along. We could hit the beach and drink cocktails all day.

  3. Ooooooh I'm at the same bit of a book. I'm dreaming about Italy. Venice, maybe, before it gets too hot. Otherwise I'll settle for anywhere with a view, a chance to people watch and great coffee.

    Probably should take Trish Wylie and then it would be honest to goodness 'research' and the tax office would be happy. :)

  4. Ooh, Anne, I'm nearing the end of my book too. Does that mean I can dream of a trip away? At the moment it has to be Sicily. I met a lovely Sicilian restaurateur at a party on the weekend and he's convinced me to go. I'm dreaming of the sea and ruined temples, great food and amazing coastlines.

    Congratulations on nearly getting there with your story.


  5. Actually, I was supposed to be getting away from it all with a holiday in New York this month, but thanks to massive revisions and a nightmare deadline ending up typing in the hotel room, on the plane, etc!

    So now I'm planning a get away to get over my get away. I'm thinking a trip to Ireland to see my best mate. She lives in a tiny village (actually it's just a pub on a crossroads) in Kildare. I can get a 1p flight from Ryanair to Dublin, take my youngest son to play with her two boys (so hubby won't be too pissed off with me) and we can sit in her little orchard and have home-made margaritas. What a laugh.

    Good luck with your book Anne and your get away with Hugh Jackman.


  6. I'm thinking a spa. Somewhere where I'd be pampered and fussed over. Where someone would decide what I had to eat and just bring it on a tray. Where I could lie in the shade while someone in a towel massaged my feet.

    Where there were no telephones, no computers, nothing to write with -- not even a pencil.

    And I'd stay there just long enough to work up a head of steam so that when I returned to the real world words would pour out of me like a geyser!

  7. Ellen, One of my sons and dau-in-law are doing the Grand Canyon thing right now. But they are hiking down to the bottom, camping out, then climbing back out at the end of the week. Probably more exercise than you want!

    Jane, an island getaway sounds wonderful -- especially after our winter of snow, snow and more snow. In fact, it snowed again yesterday!

    Natasha, I love Venice. Can I come with you and Trish? The tax man would approve, I'm sure.

    Annie, glad you're nearly finished, too. And Sicily sounds appealing. Warm and sunny. And does the restauranteur come along as well?

    Heidi, Yikes! What an awful way to spend your get-away! yes, I'd want a vacation from my vacation if I had to do that, too. I did once, actually in New York City. My family went out and had a great time and I sat home (we were house-sitting) and answered the phones and wrote my book! Argh. Have a good one now. And thanks for the good wishes on my getaway. I'm sure I'll have a good time -- even if Hugh isn't there.

    Liz, yes, no pencils. Not even charcoal to write with. Just peace and quiet and great views and someone else to cook. Sounds like bliss!

  8. If I was at least 35 years younger a hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon would be fun but I'm not fit enough now to do that. I'll just stay at the lodge and soak up the atmosphere.

  9. Oh this blog rang my bell. I am almost finished major revisions and dreaming of getting away from it all. I'm attracted to many possibilites. Paris is definitely high on the list. So is a relaxing stay in the Rockies which are a lot closer to home. Or an island anywhere with a crashing surf and warm sunshine. In truth I will probably end up visiting some nearby museums and taking some short trips. Though there is a little coffee shop I visit only occassionaly because it's an hour away but the atmosphere is great and I hear the place calling my name.

    Umm. So nice to dream. I think I enjoy it almost as much as the actual trip.


  10. Ellen, I think you're wise. I probably shouldn't do it either, but if I were there, I suspect I'd give into the temptation. But I'd have to wear my ankle brace!

    Linda, the coffee shop sounds do-able, but Paris or an island sounds better to me right now. On the other hand, the Rockies are calling my name -- as is a certain little granddaughter -- so you can guess where I'll be heading!