Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Temptation on Tuesday :: Digital Cameras

Last month our own PHS ed Ally Blake spoke to us of eBay as a perfect time waster for those looking for one. This month she admits to another problem which takes time away from her writing. The scourge of the digital camera.

Do you remember the days when you'd go to the shops to buy a roll of 24 film? You'd be careful to load it just so, and if you were lucky you might get a couple of free shots in at the end.

Every photo taken was carefully set up, carefully constructed. If somebody thought maybe they closed their eyes as the flash went off, well tough. You only ever took a second shot of the same thing if it was reeaaaaally important.

And then as the camera whirred to the end of the film, you took the film out in the dark under your bed covers. You saved up to get the thing developed. Then there was that special moment a few days later when you got the pack and hid in a corner of the shop to flick through the whole lot as you couldn't wait until you got home. The thrill, the disappointment, the 'oh my god I'd forgotten about that one' excitement.

Can you believe that nowadays, with the invention of the digital camera, that same process – from the click to knowing how it turned out - takes about three seconds? If there is a chance to have that same excited thrill when a happy memory is captured, over and over again no wonder we are click happy.

Then add to that fact that I have a new baby. Can you imagine how many hours are spent hovering over her with the camera?

Click click click. Hang on I don't like the flash so we'll try again without. Click click click. Oh hang on that pink outfit would look so cute if she was lying on the dark pink rug. Click click click. Oh look did you see that face she pulled? She's never done that exact face before. Click click click.

Seriously, the minutes of my life that are spent reliving these moments over and over again. I once burnt a frying pan full of pikelets because she suddenly discovered her right hand. Not five minutes later she discovered it yet again so I had to take more photos and guess what? Another batch of pikelets burnt.

But without a digital camera, I wouldn't have any hope of catching so many pictures of the many different faces and moves and habits of my little wonder. See left? Click click click.

So how is a girl to sit at a computer and write when there is a going gahing bundle of gorgeousness rolling about on the floor beside her and a digital camera within reach? Will I ever be able to finish a book again? Panic…rising. Breaths…coming…harder.

Hello, my name is Ally Blake and I have a problem…

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  1. Hi Ally,

    1.) Your baby is the cutest little pink and white cutie pie. No one blames you for being distracted.

    2.) I still have a film camera and my digital-age kids are constantly asking me to turn it around so they can see the picture on the screen. I have to remind them, "Uh, nope. Mama lives in the dark ages."

    3.) Finally, what is a pikelet? And do they taste even better burned? Inquiring minds want to know.


  2. Ally,

    Bless! What a little sweetie your baby girl is. I never managed one of those myself so I'm pea-green with envy.

    Anyway on to digital cameras. I love them too. Can go on my holiday and come back with 12 fabulous shots instead of 50 duff ones.

    Also, a word of warning to all new and old mums out there. If you have more than one bab don't forget to take pictures after the first one. We've got half as many pictures of son two as son one. My mum had four kids and we have exactly three photos of my youngest sister through her whole childhood! She still gets snotty about it. Be warned.

  3. God Heidi I can only imagine!!! We have hundreds of Miss Bridget; looking at her hands, putting fingers in mouth, smiling, frowning, smirking, thiking, every little thing is too cute to miss! But second time around... poor second kid!!!

    And Ellen, pikelets are like mini-pancakes. I think they are an Aussie thing??? Great with jam and cream, or honey and butter or, lemon and sugar, or...sorry had to stop to wipe the drool off the keyboard!