Saturday, March 01, 2008

Weekend Wind Down - A Book With Biddy

Welcome back to month three with A Book With Biddy...this time a taste of what lies in store at that pinnacle of publication....

Writing? What writing?

As reported last month, the beginning of February saw “Coady Towers” at full capacity with various people staying. February as we have all seen was a social whirly gig in the romance world and I was the B&B of choice for some of them.

It was a tough gig but I seemed to have survived it. It meant I gate-crashed the end of the RNA lunch where the first person I spotted was RNA Romance Prize winner, Kate Hardy! I then got to hang out in the pub with Judy Astley, Katie Fforde, Kate Hardy, Gill Sanderson, Jan Jones, Julie Cohen, Anna Lousie Lucia and Liz Fenwick and many more… and also drinking champagne bought by Judy’s lovely publisher, Transworld. I could get used to this life…

And then with hardly a breath between it was the M&B 100 year cocktail party. Sadly this was one event I couldn’t gate-crash but I made the most of personalising “The Coady Towers Experience” for my guests, Julie Cohen and Michelle Styles by ensuring that I picked them up from the venue. I stood nose pressed, metaphorically, at the window looking in. (It was more hanging around the door trying to look inconspicuous.) The detritus of a glamorous party, the candy floss machines, the beautiful waiters, the tired and emotional writers and tipsy editors. And all I could think about was… if I didn’t get fed soon I was going to gnaw off my own leg! I can’t help it, I get grumpy when not fed and watered regularly. But yes it reminded me of what could be.

The next day it was off for dinner and drinks with Kate Walker, the Babe Magnet, Abby Green and Trish Wylie. Much gossip and laughter and wine… I think I got home about 1.30am. I blame Trish!

And then suddenly I was alone with nothing but my writing. Or was I? Actually I was alone with my DVD collection and Season two of ‘Bones’. So that wiped out that weekend. And then I just HAD to buy the first three seasons of ‘NCIS’. Mark Harmon… *swoon*. And as I type I still haven’t quite finished season three and all I want to write about it a damaged NCIS investigator who is a former Marine sniper and has a thing for red heads. Which really doesn’t help my book which has a London artist in it does it?

I was trying to figure out why I have become so obsessive about these shows. I think it is due to a lack of head space to deal with anything else. You see this month I have just not had the head space for writing. Things in the non-writing world are busy and complicated; contracts ending, people relocating, that sort of thing. Plus I have been preparing for the Country Radio Seminar (CRS) in Nashville next week… I have to interview twenty or so artists and of course catch up with friends and colleagues all in the space of three days. I am exhausted just thinking about it.

Oh and on top of all that I also recorded my demo for voice-over work as well! My dulcet tones could be coming to your radio/TV/telephone (or another media) soon!

So was there any space for Lucas and Jo, ‘The Artist and The Ugly Duckling’? Not at “Coady Towers” this month.

So how do I feel about the writing? I still feel good about it all; I refuse to beat myself up because it has taken a backseat this month. But I must keep an eye on it. If March ends up the same then I need to have a serious word with myself. At least I have transatlantic flights I can use for some writing time… unless they are showing season four of NCIS.

Then all bets are off.


  1. Biddy what a whirlwind of a month to be sure!!!

    Now, promise me you will use those flights wisley. I get more writing on trains and planes than anywhere else. Not sure if its the gentle rocking, the confined space or the beautiful stretch of time ahead of me.

    Okay? Promise?


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  3. *salutes Ally*

    I promise to use my flights wisely! I also find being stuck on planes or trains does wonders for my writing.

    Does that mean I can't read your new book on the flight then?


  4. YOu can read your new book AFTER you have done your writing. The journey is long enough to accomodate both occupations...

  5. Ok now I am quaking in my boots!! The pressure...

  6. Ooooh...I'm a huge country music fan. You have to tell me who you're interviewing so I can live vicariously through you!


  7. It's okay, it was a short month, we'll let you off writing just this once. But I expect to hear that great things have been achieved on the flight!

    (Thanks for Coady Towers by the way...)

  8. I shall neither chide nor encourage. I'm still ogling the Harmon.