Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Temptation Tuesday - YouTube

This week it's our Natasha's turn to inspire, titillate, tempt and distract, frankly!

Better grab yourself a coffee because this is horribly addictive.

I have a bit of a reputation for having a YouTube addiction - which I obviously deny - but this is Temptation Tuesday so, naturally, I have a responsibility to pull you away from what you should be doing.

BUT, if you earn your living writing stories you can just about argue it's 'research'. I do. You never do know from where a story will spring. :)

This first one is a David Mitchell and Robert Webb sketch and is a MUST view for any author who has ever been asked, 'have you ever thought about writing a sheikh/cowboy/millionaire/lost baby/royal book?' We don't know how lucky we are!

Next up is something very writerly. Whilst I deny the YouTube addiction, I will confess to having one for Sky Arts 'The Book Show'.

Here's what it says about itself on its website:

Hosted by writer and presenter Mariella Frostrup, The Book Show has returned for a second series, and this time it's bigger and better than ever before, featuring a selection of today's top authors, and books from classics to comics. A selection of authors reveal their current favourite bedtime reading; some of the country's top booksellers reveal their picks for book clubs; a number of publishing insiders, from agents to editors and jacket designers reveal the tricks of the trade and the best ways of getting work published, and there's a competition to win books donated by the guests - the book that they confess they wish they had written themselves...

What's more the programme posts all its interviews on YouTube. So that should keep you busy!

This being M&B's Centenary year (Mills & Boon being the UK brand name for Harlequin) Penny Jordan (Presents/Modern) and Roger aka Gill Sanderson (Medicals) were asked to appear.

So this is them:

I'm slightly irritated they were asked as a pair and they don't merit a photograph on The Book Show website (which is usual), but on the whole it's fine.

If we liked them the Book Show suggests we read:

And then they visited the Richmond editorial offices.

You've got to admit I'm being very writerly on a Temptation Tuesday day!

Better stop that straight away. So, here is my current favourite fan video of Elizabeth Gaskill's 'North and South'. Oh, okay, I like looking at Richard Armitage. But, just look at that kiss at the end. We'll count that video as inspiration shall we?

Then, if you're an aspiring romance writer I think you'll find everything you need here:

Better stop here before blogger decides it just can't cope!

With love

Natasha's next Harlequin Romance Wanted: White Wedding is released in NA and the UK in May.

You can find out more about it if she gets round to updating her website and you can hear her moan about her sheikhs, dying people carrier, broken boiler, broken sofa and other assorted disasters by visiting her blog.

Her contribution to the Niroli series, 'The Tycoon's Princess Bride', is available here and nominated by Romantic Times Magazine for Best Presents of 2007


  1. And I thought I was the only one addicted to YouTube!
    LOL. Thank you for the Book Show Links Natasha - I do not have Sky but try and listen to the Radio 4 shows. Much appreciated. :-)

  2. Thanks for that, Natasha. I missed the programme and couldn't watch it on my computer until my (still slow) broadband was finally fixed this week. I didn't know that one of my covers was shown on television so that was a wonderful surprise.

  3. Thanks, Natasha, that was great. I didn't know about The Book Show, but I had seen the Richard Armitage clip before. And I had to watch it again, purely out of interest, you do understand! I'm also a YouTube fan, mainly watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? moments. Those guys sure know how to make me laugh and I find that very attractive. Even when they're no the 'traditional' good-looking guys.

  4. Oh dear God. My day is now SHOT.

    And I can hear RA and his LOOK AT ME....thanks SO much, now I'll likely be watching North and South tonight rather than steaming my carpets and getting things off my PVR!

    You're an evil woman. But that's why we love you.

  5. There is no better way to spend the evening though, Donna. :) He's been cast in Spooks, btw. That's M15 to you. Filming at the moment. Which MEANS we'll have Rupert Penry-Jones and RA at the same time. Lovely!

  6. Oh and I don't subscribe to Sky either Ray-Anne. I've just been and looked up how I see it. So, if you're in the UK 'The Book Show' is on Sky Three on a Sunday 11.30am - that's Freeview 11.

    All the interviews are legitimately put on YouTube by the programme makers. So you can see them guilt free. What you don't seem to get is the peek at different authors writing spaces. Now, I love that!

    Was a little bit fazed by the woman who repaints her study between books. Yellow for the last one. Blue for this one. Then there was the man who has an exercise bike at one end of the room for when he needs to think. lol

  7. Natasha, I have such a bone to pick with you. Be thankful I'm in NZ and it's unlikely I'll be able to find my revenge for all the time you encourage me to lose. I have tried to resist! I have! But everytime you post up YouTube clips I'm hooked! LOL! Do you think my editor will mind if I cite you as the reason my book may be late this time?

    Oh, and someone repaints the study between books??? Won't the walls get mighty thick with paint, and the study get pretty small, if she's prolific?

  8. OMG. RPJ and RA in MI5?

    Be still.

    Alas I had a meeting last night, but tonight might be the night. I have some red wine waiting. Alas my book is a PITA so the chocolate has somehow disappeared already.