Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Temptation on Tuesday :: eBay

Temptations are wicked beguiling things. They are the things that persistently whisper in our ears, coddling our brains until they keep us from doing what we should be doing – like starting a new book due in *cough cough* weeks. And as anyone who reads PHS ed Ally Blake's blog would now, she has given in to Temptation and has become eBay.

Okay, so eBay is hardly a new thing. Even to me. My husband has bought and sold DVDs and the like on there for years. I've bought birthday presents, DVDs, a fridge, a washing machine and even an out of print romance novel or two. We sold our old car on eBay! Yet it was never a suite I would ever peruse unless on the lookout for something particular and hard to find.

But in the past couple of weeks I've become one of the converted.

Why? The Baby. In particular baby shoes. Do you have any idea how much baby shoes cost these days. Well I do. A few nights back I went shopping, popped into a baby shoes store and found a pair of cute little shoes for…wait for it… $69.95. For a baby. Who can't even walk yet. I'd be surprised if the girl behind the counter didn't get a fright from the coughing and choking that went on in my general vicinity before I shot from the store so fast I left my shadow behind.

So, for the fun of it, I went to eBay when I had a spare five minutes up my sleeve and typed in baby shoes. And my word, did a new world upon up to me. Brown suede knee-high boots sheepskin lining. Pink Mary-Janes with floral embroidery. Red patent numbers. White leather ballet shoes. Miniature ugh boots. Oh my…

Within about three hours I had bid on ten things. TEN! And when I realised that if I won those ten things it would come to over $100 I was a tad startled to say the least. Thankfully within a day I was outbid on most. Including the red patent shoes. I was devastated about that one. Truly upset. Less than a week at this and I already need counseling.

But I did win something gorgeous. I waited by the post box daily for my new little pink suede Mary-Janes with the floral embroidery. They turned up. Brand new. Adorable. Faaaaaar too big for my Miss Boo right now. But a bargain at less than $10.00.

Are you surprised that eBay is now one of my Favourites. I log onto it every day. Looking up wraps and tights and winter dresses. Beanies and romper suits and sleeveless faux fur pink vests. And today I found a quilted jacket for a six month old so beautiful I want one in my size. Though since it costs about what I'd pay for for a coat for myself I might hold off ;).

When she's asleep and the house is quiet and the mood takes me, I bring her pink shoes them out of her cupboard every now and then and imagine all the outfits I'll now have to buy to match. And where will I look for those? Why eBay seems a good place to start ;).

Now was there another reason I had this flash computer on my desk? It feels like there should be, but I simply can't seem to remember…

What's the coolest thing you ever bought or sold on eBay?

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  1. My 3 favourite things bought on ebay
    1) A barcelona soccer shirt for my 6 month old to match the one i got his dad for christmas (it's actually 12-18 month size but i've put him in it already)
    2) and 3) I blame you for these Ally - i bought P.S. I love you and The Popularity Plan Sweet Dreams books after reading your post a couple of weeks ago

  2. LOL, Ally, I am such a bad shopper that my boys didn't have shoes until they actually walked! BUT the one and only thing I have ever bid on ebay was for jazz ballet shoes for DS2 but I was outbid. And the relief that came with that was immense...I dunno, I just don't really trust the whole ebay thing. My problem obviously as it seems to work so well for everyone else!
    Perhaps I really should try it.....

  3. Wearing my qualified shoe fitter and health visitor hat here I advise parents never to buy shoes until the baby has been walking independently for a least six weeks. Why? because shoes are bad news for baby feet, the bones are very soft and the nerve endings not fully developed so feet can be distorted without you being aware. When a baby begins to walk, they lose the pad of fat under the foot, the arch begins to form and the foot will often grow a half to a full size in the first few weeks. Aways get your childs feet measured so you get a good fit - never buy shoes unless the child is with you and has tried them on. Second hand shoes (leather)if they have been worn at all will have formed to fit the foot of the previous wearer and may have stretched or have wear patterns on the sole that may throw your child foot out of line. I buy many things on e bay but you only get one pair of feet in life so please be very cautious about shoes.

  4. One year, my oldest son decided to sell all his dolls on ebay - he was ten and decided he ought to have grown out of all the Polly Pockets, Disney Princesses, Betti Spaghetti and the like.

    So we put them into lots, we took pictures and posted them on ebay. To our astonishment (we were very honest about the fact that the dolls had been well played with) he got over one hundred pounds for the six lots (even after we deducted the cost of posting them). And it was such a laugh during the seven days they were up for auction checking how many bids they'd got, how much we were making, etc.

    So what did he go and buy with all his dosh? More dolls of course.

    I'd really recommend as an incentive to get your child to clear out their old junk - as long as it's still in good condition, it'll sell and they can use the money to buy new stuff without nagging you.


  5. My son had outgrown his hockey equiptment. It is super expensive gear (ice) Everything was in great shape so I put it on ebay thinking it would get a few dollars. Wow! I got $100 for his skates alone!
    Now I keep trying to convince my hub to go to garage sales and pick up more. Who could not use an extra $100?? :)