Monday, March 10, 2008

Male on Monday - Scott Foley

Donna Alward is here on this lovely Monday to enlighten us on the deliciousness that is Scott Foley - the man behind JONAS KIRKPATRICK in her latest release!

When I got the story of THE SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING in my mind, it came with the casting directly on its heels. There was no question. Scott Foley - or more accurately, Bob Brown - was my Jonas in my head.

Bob Brown is Scott's character on the TV show The Unit, one of my few Must Watch programs and during long hiatuses I content myself with the dvd's from previous seasons. The whole cast is great, but this particular time it was Bob that stuck in my mind and stayed there.
Of course, research followed. Lots and lots of glorious, er- tedious, research. And so now I'll share a little bit of what I learned with you.

Foley, the oldest of three brothers, was born in Kansas City, Kansas, the son of Connie and Hugh Foley, a banking executive. During his childhood, he often moved because of his father's occupation, living in Sydney, Australia, and Tokyo, Japan (he speaks Japanese fluently!). His mother died from cancer when he was fifteen years old, and he has two younger brothers, Chris and Sean. He was inspired to begin acting after his mother took him to see the stage performance of Annie, and went straight from high school to LA to begin his career, which he admits was the best-and worst-decision of his life considering how the odds were against success.

Foley was married to actress Jennifer Garner on October 19, 2000, whom he met when she guest starred on Felicity, but they divorced in 2004. Garner went on to marry Ben Affleck. A bit modest, he commented that “I had no idea I was famous, until I got divorced.” Scott stayed single for a while, but this past June married actress Marika Dominczyk (Brothers and Sisters) in a private ceremony in Hawaii! It's lovely, because this is a guy who once said, "I'm a big believer in marriage. We're all looking for someone to love us at the end of the day."

Scott gained popularity playing Noel Crane on Felicity. He had originally auditioned and won the role of Ben, which was later given to co-star Scott Speedman. Personally I'm glad he was cast as Noel - I always liked Noel better anyway. And of course in Felicity he had that cute little curl over his forehead and lovely dimples. Do a search on youtube and the majority of clips are ones of Scott with Kerri Russell.

Foley has had recurring guest appearances on Scrubs, playing Elliot Reid's boyfriend, Sean, and as high school jock Cliff on Dawson's Creek. He was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Film - Choice Sleazebag for his role in Scream 3. When I watched Scream 3 I remember howling in laughter at his character.

Beyond acting, he has tried his hand at both directing and producing. He directed one episode of Felicity, entitled "The Graduate," and was also the producer for his sitcom, A.U.S.A.. which died a premature death.

But now Scott's all grown up and with a grown up role. He's Bob - Special Forces SFC, husband, and father. He's turned in his dimples for hi-tech military gear and isn't nearly as black and white as shiny-faced Noel Crane. He has lots of inner conflicts - in fact, in a recent episode he had a moral quandary as he couldn't seem to get past the faces of the people he'd killed on missions. And in the end he stayed because he liked it. And darn it, if we don't like him for that even as it makes us a bit uneasy.

And he can run two miles in under 13 minutes.

To top it off, he seems like a genuinely great human being. It's not everyone that would take off to Thailand to help rebuild after the tsunami. "I was stacking these compressed dirt bricks," he said. "It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. If I didn’t have a home, a career and a girlfriend here, I'd still be there." I find that very sexy. And apparently so did TV Guide when they named him one of TV's Sexiest Men.

One last thing....and this is very important...he meets the PHS height requirement coming in at a lovely 6'1".

After all that hard work, the poor boy obviously needs a here's a picture of him!

So what do you think? Is he the kind of guy you'd pick to save YOUR world?

The Soldier's Homecoming is out NOW in the UK and North America and will be out next month in Australia and New Zealand.


  1. Girl you know he's my fave...OK, second fave...

    I have a sneaking suspicion you're working your way through the men of The Unit...

  2. Hi Donna

    Never heard of this guy, or the programme he's in (is The Unit on UK telly). But I'm sold - the rushing off to build houses after the tsunami did it for me (but the pics of his pecs didn't hurt either!).


  3. Heidi - I'm not sure if he's on UK telly or not. But I was sold too. I think because you expect him to be a nice guy. Even on the show you expect him to be the good guy and then you realize he knows how to hot-wire a car and you know he's got layers.

    And Jenna...dang girl, you made that sound a little dirty.

    You think I could get by with Jonas as a hero? Chuckles doesn't do it for me, and Hector...well, I'm still in mourning.


  4. Haven't come across him at all. I don't think he can be on UK TV because I'm sure I'd have noticed. Shall go have a peak at YouTube. :)

  5. ooh, I'll have to look out for this series.

    Meanwhile I'm gonna have to beg to differ on the height issue. What exactly is the requirement?

    Mikhail Baryshnikov - 5'6''
    Gorgeous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan, 5' 7.5''
    Tom Cruise, 5'7.5''
    John Mellencamp 5'7''
    James Dean 5'7.5''
    Adam Ant, 5'8'' (oh come on, he was SUCH a cutie back in the 80s)
    Joaquin Phoenix, 5'8'' (sigh.....)
    James McAvoy 5'7''
    James Blunt, 5'7''

    .... (Yeah, ok I've had enough of James Blunt too, but don't tell me your heart didn't melt the first time you heard '...and I'll never be with you....')


  6. Donna,

    I'm a huge Felicity fan and liked Scott then (though personally, I'm a Scott Speedman gal...some personality flaw of mine that I'm always attracted to bad boys...!)

    Then I saw a few episodes of The Unit and WOW! Was Scott impressive!
    Must get the series and watch the whole thing...

  7. LOL a 5 foot 8-er barefoot...well, I do like to wear shoes. :-) And there seems to be a thing for tall men around the PHS. Though I have to say...I could excuse a lot for James MacAvoy. And Jamie Bamber barely squeaks in at just over 5'10", but he'll do too. LOL

  8. heh, I'm 5ft 8 in my socks too. DH is fractionally shorter than me, but I've never found it to be an issue - I wear heels. He is exceptionally fit and strong though - I find most bigger men seem like lumbering dullards in comparison!