Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Male On Monday : Carpenters

I have a new vice. The carpenters on TLC's home improvement shows. OK, so maybe it's not so new, but I do think it was brilliant of the channel to cast gorgeous and capable men on shows we can watch and learn something at the same time.

For me it started with Ty Pennington and Trading Places. He was cute, funny, and the man could build a bookshelf in an hour. My husband is an accountant. My checkbook is immaculate, but he needs instructions to install a doorstop. No wonder I dreamed about him Trading Places with Ty for an afternoon. Sadly, I'd probably put him to work on the house.

Ty moved on to my boys favorite show, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and so Trading Places has come up with a steady stream of men who make me sigh. Carter Oosterhouse. Brandon Russell... this show seems to be a great launch point for these guys. Not only has Ty moved up, Carter has his own show on HGTV, Carter Can.

While You Were Out is a show about fixing up a room while your loved one is out and returns home for the big surprise. It's no surprise TLC found more gorgeous men to get things done quickly. Andrew Dan Jumbo is my favorite, but Jason Cameron is fabulous too. My favorite episode has them both...I wonder why... Andrew now has his own show, Take Home Handyman. Does it get any better than that?

I think it is the idea that they are smart, funny, gorgeous, and capable of fixing my baseboards without nagging. Of course that is part of the fantasy. On TV they get the job done quickly and well. At home...I'm holding onto the idea they keep up the good work!

Who are your favorite blue collar guys?

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  1. Ok. I confess. I'm a Ty fan. But the megaphone would have to go...

  2. Yes, I like Ty too.

    But here in Canada at least we have Mike Holmes. He's no nonsense, all about doing the job right, and when he fixes things for a family, he feels good about it...even showing a squishy centre sometimes.

  3. Okay, don't know any of the makeover shows you mentioned Jenna (unfortunately in Britain the pickings are rather lean - or rather not lean, if you catch my drift), but just wanted to say... Mmm, there's just something so sexy about a buff guy in a tool belt isn't there.

  4. There is, Heidi! Strong and capable...I just love it. So sorry they haven't used this particular marketing technique in England to keep viewers glued to the shows! They should! It works.

  5. Ty actually watched me eat dinner one night! LOL He was doing a photo shoot in the almost done house under construction next door. He was in town doing Extreme Makeover, and could see in my kitchen windows. I wanted to be a geeky fan, but my 12 yr old daughter told me "she would freak".

    So instead he got to see us all sit down as a family at dinnertime.

    I loved While You Were Out - swoon!