Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Male on Monday :: Aussie Blokes

Okay, so Trish reckons Irish men are the bees knees. I kinda agree, I do so love the dark hair blue eye thing Gabriel Byrne does so well. Then along came Natasha waxing lyrical about English fellows - actually doesn't she seem to do this EVERY month? Well, okay I do have the English to thank for Christian Bale and Richard Armitage. While our Jenna seemed to think American guys are the way to go.

But... I'm here to tell you that I think that even though they paraded some very nice man flesh for us to feast our eyes, and hearts, and of course our reading and writing brains upon, Aussie blokes are the be all and end of of hero inspiration.


So this guy started out on a comedy skit show , famously playing a bogon in a flannel shirts, with an okker accent and a mullet haircut. I still can't quite get "Poiter" out of my head when watching him in a movie, but there have been moments when he's played above himself. Take the topless scenes in the forgettable Troy. And then there was his magic performance in the wonderful Black Hawk Down.

urrently in the process of building a multi-million dollar pad in melbourne's glam beachside suburb of Brighton for himself and his lvoely wife, this is a local lad who has done veeeerrrrry well for himself. And I think I could do a lot with this picture come to think of it...


Okay, so if you can ignore the politics and opionions and just look at the face and listen to the voice, then this guy has sumpin sumpin going on. In 1985 he was voted People's inaugural Most Beautiful person and despite the dated hair in this pic you can see why. Those piercing green eyes can do sexy and they can do sad. Hmmmm....


Most of you won't know who this guy is as he's worked pretty much only in Austrlaia. But he's big, tall, gorgeous, sweet, talented, married with a beautiful baby girl, and just delicious. I based a great deal of my hero Danny from MILLIONAIRE TO THE RESCUE on an interview with Vince in a local news magazine.

And I quote: "Meeting Colosimo is like meeting a fast-talking, knee-slapping, frequent-swearing, long-lost cousin. He walks into the room unaccompanied by publicists or entourage and sends the seen-it-all stylists into a fit of giggles. He’s wearing a simple white T-shirt, jeans and a brown leather coat. He looks everyone deep in the eye, asks their name and holds their handshake just a little bit longer than necessary. Is it hot in here or is it just Vince?"

Read the rest. Seriously.


Dr Chase, the Aussie guy in House. Or as House says, "the Brit - you have the Queen on your money you're British". Sorry, I know that has nothing to do with anything but I just loooove House ;). Young, blonde, gorgeous, making it in the big pond. And recently jilted by his pretty little co-star. Another on the right track to becoming true blue hero material I reckon. Especially when in this pic you can see he doens't always have to be the clean-cut pretty boy. There's an edge there which could be really fun to play with...


Can you get a more Aussie Aussie bloke? A true man's man. A man not afraid to wear singlets in public or show off his hairy legs. He loved his footy club so much he put in millions of his own dollars to resurrect the South Sydney Rabittohs from the dead. Aussie, Aussie Aussie!

Okay so he was born in New Zealand but has worked here since he was in his teens. He would class himself as a bit of both. He is a talented, dark, brooding, passionate, and again with the voice. What is it about our Aussie men and those voices? Rasping, deep, laid-back, tickle down the middle of your spine voices.



A Knight's Tale is wonderful and our Heath in it was highly sympathetic even with a heroine below what he deserved. In 10 Things I Hate About You he was fantastic, even though his crazy hair could have made a lesser man seem a lesser hero. Blonde, rugged, with a strong nose, cheekbones to die for, a voice that would melt chocolate and an untameable air.

Heath Ledger was growing into becoming a fine hero indeed. I only wonder how long it might take before one can seperate the inspiration from the man...


JULIAN MCMAHON of Nip/Tuck fame. MARTIN HENDERSON (right) - a Kiwi to be sure, but he's so cute and comes from practically the same parallel I thought him worth an honourable mention. 'Cause he is so gorgeous. And did star in my sixth book as my hero Harry! Handsome JUSTIN MELVEY (left) who played Dr. Colin Murphy of Days of Our Lives. Then there's an old favourite of mine, ANTHONY LAPAGLIA, the star of Without a Trace and he owns the Sydney soccer team that brought David Beckham and his LA Galaxy side to Australia. GUY PEARCE who starred alongside Russ in LA Confidential.

And we gave you HUGH "in a towel"JACKMAN.

I rest my case.

Ally's latest novel FALLING FOR THE REBEL HEIR stars one heck of a gorgeous Aussie bloke. Think rugged good looks, too long dark hair, three day old growth, battle scars and that long, lanky, laid-back thang Aussie blokes do all to well.

To read more about Hud Bennington, check out Ally's website or better yet buy the book!


  1. I'm fighting the image of bowler hats and socks with sandals!

    This is all well and good, Ally, but there really aren't very many of them there, are they?????????? I managed two English lads posts without straining ....

  2. Hmmm...Natasha makes it sound like she has at least one more Brit Boys post coming...I think that means I can wax patriotic as well...

    While I may not always want to claim him, Mel Gibson's American. He did his teens in Oz...but other than that he's been in our melting pot.

    But Eric Bana...wow. He deserves his own day, I think :)

    I wonder if Donna has a Canadian edition of Male On Monday coming our way soon...

  3. he he...Trish can claim Mel too...he has dual citizenship, US and Ireland...

    That boy gets around!

  4. He does get around Jenna! He spends half the year at his property in New South Wales and his dad lives here too. I'll keep him from his Mad Max, Lethal Weapon days, and you can have him back now ;).

    Natasha, them's fighting words!!! And from a girl who lives in a country with ten times more people than we have!!!

    Want me to rustle up some more for later in the year? Think I can manage it ;).


  5. Okay, I'm going to totally lower the tone now and say did anyone see Eric Bana in Munich (very serious political thriller about MOSAD's answer to the murder of Israeli athletes, etc, etc)? It's just that there was a darkly lit bedroom scene in that movie and my goodness, Eric was soooo sexy (assuming of course that wasn't a stunt butt!).

    Sorry, Russell Crowe and Mel Gibson, yuk! But Heath Ledger made my heart melt, especially in Brokeback Mountain, what a waste, eh.

    I'm all about American guys, but these Aussies come a close second - and there's always a little room for Richard Armitage, too (just so Natasha doesn't pounce on me).

  6. Not many? Not many!!!??? (As if Hugh and Eric aren't more than enough by themselves...)

    what about

    Rodger Corser
    Matt Passmore
    Simon Baker
    Sam Neil
    John Waters

    or model Travis Fimmel?