Sunday, February 17, 2008

Weekend Wind-Down :: Babies And Sexy Guys

This weekend at The Pink Heart Society best selling author Sandra Marton talks to us about the reader favourite theme of: Babies and Sexy Guys...

Babies, we all agree, are adorable. Babies of all kinds. Animal babies. Bird babies. Babies who live in the sea. Adorable, every last one.

Human babies are the cutest of all but they’re also the most demanding. They cry. They drool. They pee and poop. They scream all night for no good reason. Mostly, mommies and daddies take all this in stride. After all, having a family is what they wanted. Sometimes, though, Fate has plans of its own. Sexy hunks who never, ever expected to hear the patter of little feet hear them, loud and clear. They become fathers without any warning…

And they panic.

“Me?” they say. “A father?”

No. It isn’t possible. A guy like this can’t imagine himself in that role. We can; we know that there’s something incredibly sexy and romantic and tender about a big, gorgeous man with a tiny baby in his arms… but I’m getting ahead of myself here. What Our Heroes invariably think about babies is that they might want them someday in the very distant future, but now? No way. And yet, if they’re anything like billionaire Lincoln Aldridge, they square their shoulders (and what magnificent shoulders Linc has!) and face up to responsibility.

I should pause here and explain who Linc is. He’s the hero in my novella, HOT SUMMER BRIDE, the lead title in an anthology out in the UK this month. The anthology is called MOTHERS WANTED, and also features wonderful stories by best-selling authors Marion Lennox and Jessica Hart. You can get further details at the Mills and Boon website, at my website or at my blog. And my North American readers will be able to find HOT SUMMER BRIDE in an entirely different anthology in July. I’ll give you a head’s up in plenty of time.

But I digress.

Back to Linc and the baby. Actually, adorable baby Jenny isn’t Linc’s daughter. She’s his niece. Not that that makes things any easier. Linc’s a bachelor. He’s accustomed to spending his days at his office and his nights in the bed of whomever happens to be the current woman in his life. Jenny changes all that. Linc wants to do the right thing for her. Well, and for himself, too. He’s certain he can deal with this unexpected bump in the road in the same efficient way he runs his security company, and that means hiring The Perfect Nanny.

What a joke! Isn’t there one woman out there who can live up to her résumé? One nanny tries to seduce Linc (who can blame her?). Another is irresponsible. The current nanny seems fine until Linc discovers she’s quite possibly Mary Poppins’s evil twin. Linc dumps her, spends a long night holding baby Jenny in his arms, takes her to work with him the next day and just when he’s at the end of his rope, the answer to his problems walks in.

Well, not exactly.

Ana Maria Marques is nobody’s idea of a nanny. She’s gorgeous. She’s fiery. She’s interested in a career in business. Ana’s come to New York from Brazil because she thinks Linc offered her a job. He hasn’t and oh, there’s one other thing. The last time, the only time these two saw each other was in Brazil, when an unplanned encounter in the garden of her father’s home ended up with Ana in Linc’s arms, sharing a kiss that turned the tropical temperature up at least another hundred degrees. For a whole variety of reasons, that one kiss turned them from strangers into enemies.

Now, thanks to Fate, they’re facing each other again, still hating each other… and still wanting to fall straight into lust.

But—and you could see this coming, right? But Ana is in desperate need of a job. Linc’s in desperate need of a nanny. What would be more logical than to solve those two problems with a single solution? Ana will move into Linc’s penthouse. She will take care of Jenny. The arrangement will be temporary and, of course, Ana and Linc will keep their hands off each other…

Of course they will.

Thanks Sandra!

So just what is it about gorgeous men and children folks? They've proved a reader favourite theme for decades! Is it the combination of cute and gorgeous? Is it that a child can show us his softer side? Does it appeal to the mothers inside us? You tell us... ;)

And as Sandra mentioned you can find details of this gorgeous anthology from the Mills And Boon Website, Sandra's Website and Sandra's Blog... and in plenty of time for Mother's Day!!! Sandra Marton. Marion Lennox and Jessica Hart in one book??? WE'RE IN!

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