Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Temptation Tuesday :: Tempted To Take the Easy Path?

Today the lovely Sharron McLellan tells us all about the temptation of taking the easy path. Or then again, maybe not!

The only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions.

I am a big believer in breaking out of comfort zones. Children do it all the time. They instinctively know that to grow and mature, they have to push boundaries. I’m not sure why or how or when, but somehow, we forget how to push as we get older. Instead, many of us settle. Grow complacent instead of continuing to grow up. Take the easy route instead of the rocky path.

I know I was a ‘settler’—at least for a time. Hard to believe if you know me. What changed me? What made me realize the rut was growing deeper?

Romance novels.

Seriously. I was working in a call center for a cruise line and one of my cube-mates brought in a stack of Harlequins to read when the phones weren’t ringing.

I was hooked. And from that little change (I’d always read SF or fantasy—not romance) my boundaries expanded. Sure, I fought it. Romance novels? At first, I was almost embarrassed. But it was too late to go back to who I’d been. I’d found something I loved and decided that I wasn’t going to be apologetic about it. Instead, I was going to embrace it.

And from that tiny change in perception and habit, I decided to take up writing again. Seven short years later I am published with Silhouette. And a category romance novel was the catalyst.

Which is probably one of the reason I love them.

And write them. For me, my heroes and heroines mirror my need (the human need, really) to take risk. To change. Take the Alpha Male for example...Mmmmm, alpha men. They are so HAWT! Indiana Jones. Roarke. My own Zach Holiday. Sigh. I want them! But I digress—

Change is forced when the Alpha Male realizes that the world he lives in can’t include the woman he loves. What does he do? He takes charge and makes changes to himself and/or his world.

Okay, it’s not as easy as that. He fights it. A lot. They are Alpha, after all, not fuzzy kittens. It’s not like they’re going to say, “Yay—change!” Nope, they push back. And lose. And then win by losing.

Don’t you love that part?

And it all comes down to taking a chance and following the path of MOST resistance.

Today, my challenge to you as readers—hell, as people—is to do the same. Let go of the comfortable and forge ahead into the unknown. It might be a hike through an unknown jungle. It might be getting rid of the haircut you’ve had for twenty years (you know who you are).

But I challenge you to take that chance. Get out of the rut before it get’s any deeper and see what’s around the next bend.

Sharron is giving away a copy of her new book “Breathless” to a random comment leaver, so let her know here and now what you do to get out of a rut?

She'll reveal the winner on her blog!


  1. Blimey, Sharron, that's one hot cover you've got for your new book. Now that guy can dynamite me out of my rut any day!

  2. It is so easy to get in a rut. For me getting out of the rut means getting out of the house. There is always something to be done there so to do something different means to be somewhere different.

  3. Great post, Sharron! Getting out of a rut for me generally means taking time off of work and GOING SOMEWHERE. Preferably somewhere interesting and fun. With a beach and fruity umbrella drinks and diving. : )

  4. Getting out of the house always helps me. They now KNOW ME at the BN in Annapolis. Not sure if that's a good thing....

  5. You don't have to jump out of an airplane (a perfectly lovely machine doing a fine job of keeping you from splatting across the landscape, if you ask me) to shake things up in your life and become inspired to change something. It's amazing how even a minor alteration in your routine or norm can make a difference.

    Thanks for a great post!

  6. Getting out of a rut means getting up and doing something, anything. Not sitting on the sofa with the TV in the background while I read. And I loooove to read but that is the biggest rut I've ever been in.

  7. Getting out of the rut for me is talking to my bff and I usually feel better by the time our conversation is done.
    Actually, I do try to forge ahead sometimes and often find that I get more into a rut(depends on my frame of mind)but I will continue to try.

  8. >>>Blimey, Sharron, that's one hot cover you've got for your new book. Now that guy can dynamite me out of my rut any day!

    LOL. He is HAWT! And just how I like them--tall, dark haired and wicked smart.

  9. I'm a stay at home mom/housewife so getting out of the house helps me get out of a rut. I have noticed that I tend to be antisocial, I think it is because I spend most of my life in the house cleaning and taking care of kids. Sometimes my husband has to drag my out of the house because it seems like to much work just to leave. But once I get out everything seems so much better.

  10. When I spend time at the gym I feel much better. It brightens my day and then I can accomplish things.