Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday Special - Pink Heart Authors Let Loose In London

As a special treat here at The Pink Heart Society this Sunday we bring you the adventures of five authors let loose in London the day after the Centenary party... cos we know you like to know what we get up to. So here's Trish Wylie, Natasha Oakley, Fiona Harper, India Grey and Abby Green and their big day out...

So what happens after a big posh do in London you may ask? Welll… I can’t account for everyone but I can tell you what happens when you let five authors loose…

The morning after the night before got off to a somewhat convoluted start. Natasha and Fiona claimed the night before that as mothers used to being up at the scrap of dawn to shake, feed and dress small children they would be early risers. They LIED. So I’d already had breakfast and was doing some work by the time they trundled their belongings to my hotel room so we could leave to meet India Grey and Abby Green for a spot of lunch. There was a bit of an episode with a lost camera and a key card but I’ll let you guess who might have gotten into that muddle shall I???

And then it was off in a black cab to The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square (see pic of Fiona Harper showing off her best dancing moves outside)where we partook of a leisurely lunch and the kind of conversation only a group of authors would think of having in public… we talked plots, we talked men, we talked houses, we talked men and houses and plots… Three out of five of us discussed enough horror stories about giving birth for two of us to debate whether or not to bother. We then moved onto the vagaries of our lines and what we’re working on and what we have coming out and then five women being five women we started talking about sex – and how much realism and how much adventure we put into our stories. I felt quite sorry for the two blokes at a table next to us actually. And I’m SURE the waiter was chuckling a few times as he left.

Fiona and Natasha had some kind of spicy lamb thingie (which Fiona may have regretted as the afternoon progressed) while India, Abby and I went for the comfort only Macaroni cheese can bring your way – tho India did do TERRIBLE things to hers. Everyone had a sip of my YUMMY watermelon, cranberry and ginger smoothie. We had wine. And tea and coffee and India and I shared an ice cream sundae TO DIE FOR…

Then it was out into the bright, bright sunshine in Trafalgar Square for a few photo ops – don’t we look like we’re having a fun time??? (Though three out of five of us would like to point out how the newer authors have yet to suffer the effects of all the chocolate a few years writing brings your way – wait til next year is all we have to say – yuh-huh, they’ll catch us up…)

Lots of tourist type pics taken…

And then a wander round to see if we could find where the open topped bus tour took off from (After all they were with ME and I LOVE those! And Fi – shock, horror, astonishment had never done one - or the sights!!!) See nice pic of authors wandering down street towards open topped bus office…

Abby Green being Abby found an appropriate sign to stand beside…

And then we all did the hugs and kisses things as we parted ways – India and Natasha to beat the rush hour and get home to kiddies and books – Abby to go for a much needed snooze – and Fi and I to do some research on London…

We got a potted history of the city once we’d worked out what coloured route to take on the map – seeing everything from Horseguards Parade to The Houses Of Parliament to Big Ben to the London Eye to St Pauls Cathedral to Tower Bridge to the Tower Of London to – well, lets just say there were plenty of photo ops before we gave in to the chill in the air and opted for a Waterstones Bookstore for research books on the likes of Italy and Paris (where the lucky gal is headed soon) and large coffees with raspberry and white chocolate muffins. My coffee having a rather appropriate garnish for a romance author we felt… (see Fiona's blog for that one)

Back at the hotel we uploaded our pics onto the laptop before poor Fi went to be crushed against the plexiglass on the tube on the way home. And I did the obligatory propping of bad leg before managing a few drinks with the very very lovely Kate Walker, her equally lovely BM and Abby Green (newly woken up) and our very own Biddy Coady of a Book With Biddy fame. And even after Kate and the BM headed upstairs we three sat and had drinkies til the bar closed while discussing yet more books and writing and men and the like – Abby read our palms – and we reluctantly admitted defeat and headed our separate ways… SIGH…

So that’s what authors get up to after a big do. Five of them at least…

Cos we knew you’d want to know ;)

H’s & K’s


  1. Fiona and I WERE up at 6.30am. We just didn't rush down to breakfast!! :)

    And, yes, sadly, I reckon it's a stone on for each published year. I call it the 500-words-and-you-get-a-kitkat-syndrome.

  2. Sounds like tremendous fun. Wish I'd been there with you lot :o)

    Natasha - you can wait for 500 words before you get chocolate? Wow. In Sept, I will be asking for your secret :o)

  3. Honestly, you'd think that waiter had never HEARD of tomato ketchup before...

    We had fun though, didn't we?!

  4. Yes I might need to know the 500 words secret too!!! It's less words for coffee tho, right???

    And indeed we did India - you strange, strange girl...

  5. Coffee is constant, isn't it????? Apart from when it's past the yardarm, or whatever that phrase is, and we move on to wine.

  6. WHY did you let me pose like that in Trafalgar Sqaure!!!!

  7. And no-one even crossed my palm with silver for all that palm reading. A-Hem!
    x Abby