Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Male On Monday : Dancing With The Stars

PHS editor Jenna Bayley-Burke takes a turn at the Male On Monday slot...filling it up with her favorite things -- hot guys, fantasy situations, and reality television!

ABC recently announced the line-up for this season of Dancing With The Stars. I love this show for lots of reasons - there is no negativity surrounding it, everyone is dressed up, the music makes a good backdrop when writing...and something about men dancing...I don't know what it is exactly, but I like it!

Dancing With The Stars has a kind of glamour that television is lacking. It seems most things do these days - I secretly think this is the draw of so many to Harlequin Presents...we want the glamor of the clothes, the flash of the cars, the regalness of the parties. But this post is about the men of Dancing With The Stars...who are a big part of why we tune in!

Alec Mazo partnered with actress Kelly Monoco to win the first season. He's married to dancer Edyta Sliwinska, who I think is the reason my husband tolerates the show. My favorite thing about him is that when Kelly had a slight wardrobe malfunction, he kept her dancing AND kept anything from showing.

Last season we got to watch Mark Ballas fall for his singer/actress partner, Sabrina Bryan. They didn't make it as far in the competition as I thought they would, but they were fun to watch never the less. He's back this season, dancing with figure skater Kristi Yamaguchi.

Jonathan Roberts has been with the show every year (I think). He's either remembered as being the guy who didn't quite catch Marie Osmond when she fainted, or the one who danced with Heather Mills. This year he's dancing with tennis star Monica Seles.
Tony Dovolani has danced with wrestler Stacy Keibler, country music star Sara Evans, infomercial host Leeza Gibbons, and my favorite, actress Jane Seymour. They were amazingly elegant to watch. Mesmerizing really.

Tony is also thought of as one of the pin-ups from the show. Of course, the one that comes first to mind isn't dancing this season - Maksim Chmerkovskiy.

After being voted off last season, Maksim said he wouldn't be returning, then quickly retracted the statement. But, it seems he is taking this season off. No surprise given how grueling the training is, but it does look bad because of his sore loser statement. Oh well, that's a brooding male for you.

I think the show fulfills a fantasy - we all want to dance like those women do, with a man who knows how to keep you from falling all over your two left feet!

So tell me, which shows do you think gather a Male On Monday worthy group? Which Dancing With The Stars guy is your favorite?

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  1. No Maks?????????? OMG, what shall I do? Alec had better stay on longer then. I thought Maks was his best last year. He and Mel B were magical. He always looked like he was having SO much fun. Not to mention the view...sigh.

    Mark is a great addition though a bit young.

    But I watch every season...and it's the only 'reality' show that I watch.

  2. I know...it will be different without Maks. But at least we get a picture of him in a towel for a MoM...maybe for anniversary time we'll do a man in towel retrospective...

  3. I love Tony can't wait to see him. I heard the new pro Fabian looks like Antonio Banderas.