Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Temptation Tuesday :: New Year's Resolutions

Are you tempted to make a resolution this year? Wondering if resolving to change something can alter your life? Read on for the most popular resolutions, and how to avoid throwing them out before the end of the week.

Every year we get a fresh start, a new chance to live the life we want. The new year gives us a clean slate, a year in which we haven't consumed a carton of chocolate ice cream in one sitting, one where we exercised every day, found time to laugh with our loved ones, and finally started writing that book we are meant to. And that is just January first!!

Everyone is terribly sincere about their resoultions, and yet we make the same ones each year. Everyone wants to ::

* Exercise more.
* Losing weight is the most common resolution.
* Quit smoking.
* Quit drinking.
* Enjoy life more.
* Get out of debt.
* Learn a new skill.
* Volunteer.
* Get organized.
* Half of Americans vow each year to spend more time with family and friends.

So, how can we make this year the last time we resolve to do something, and instead actually do it? Here are some hints.

FOCUS ON JUST ONE THING. If it is weight loss, leave the organization for the summer. Let your new goal be your focus.

BE SPECIFIC. We all want to lose weight, but how much and by when? Set a goal. If you want to volunteer look for a program that makes it easy for you and your lifestyle. And get started right away.

REALLY WANT IT. If you like spending money on shoes, even if it makes your credit card bill as terrifying as cottage cheese thighs in a bikini, odds are you won't stick to the resolution. Look inside and find something you want to change, not something you think you should.

DON'T BRING OUT THE WHIP. If you beat yourself up too badly over every slip up, you'll be less likely to stick with it. If you get a cold and don't exercise for a week, you are not a bad person who can't commit to anything more than a houseplant. You are a person who'll start exercising again as soon as you can breathe without wheezing. And that is okay.

DISTRACT YOUSELF. If your every waking thought is about not smoking, cigarettes will forever be on your mind. Instead, have a plan for what you'll do when you get the urge. Gum, hard candies, medication, whatever it is you need to succeed. Those with a shoe fetish, I don't think there is a medication available yet, but an at home pedi works nicely.

If you stick to these strategies you'll find acheiving your goal is actually atainable. Your resolution will be completed, not a yearly attempt at a better life. Who knows, next year we may all need a new set of resolutions because of how amazing we've made our lives in 2008!

Confession time :: WHAT IS YOUR RESOLUTION FOR 2008?

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