Saturday, January 12, 2008

Film on Friday :: Failure to Launch

Tuesdays are $2.00 overnight DVD night at my local video store. Hubby trundles down there once every couple of weeks and grabs a cupla boy flicks and a couple of Ally flicks. One week he came home with...


This is one movie I truly thought might not have a hope of getting off the ground.

I love Sarah Jessica Parker, so I expected something fun from her. something with great clothes, fab shoes, excellent hair and a little bit of slapstick. And she didn't disappoint.

But I'm not a huge Matthew McConaughey fan. He's lovely to look at but I find his personality grating and his acting mannered. But in this movie he was ideal. Big, beautiful, adventurous, laid-back, and damaged.

Matthew plays Tripp, a 35 year old boat agent still living at home with his parents.

Enter Sarah as Paula a woman whose business it is to date stay at home sons and to make them move out - for a fee.

Tripp's parents hire her, and she proceeds to set up a meeting with Tripp and engineer a date, which turns into 2, and 3 and a relationship. How's that for a big axe that we know MUST fall over their heads once they do, of course, really fall in love?

It is a movie with big time "context" which is a word bandied about by the Modern Heat editors. We have not only the "romance" but the integration of family, friends, work, and community.

Tripp's parents are lovely, real, funny, and turly original characters. They pay Paula to get their son to move out, for his own sake and theirs. when we find out at the end of the movie why it took his mom, played by Kathy Bates, so long to give him the shove, it's a really touching moment.

The gorgeous Zooey Deschanel is the nutty best friend Kit who has a sideline story about mockingbird who won't let her sleep. Since I have a bird who has done the same thing to me for the past several months, to the point of lying in bed with earplugs, imagining how far I might be able to fling a rock, it sat well.

Tripp's two best mates, Ace and Demo, are cute, funny, hot, foils, and in the end lend true poignancy to Tripp's character in a) revealing tragedies of his past, and b) shedding light on why he is a guy too scared to move into a real future.

This movie is bright, sunny, well-paced, unique, a little bit silly but all the silliness serves a purpose which comes together at the end in a really poignant way. The characters are wonderful, the romance believable. In fact, after writing this I think I'm going to sit right down and watch it all over again!

Warm & Fuzzy Rating: 8.5

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  1. Ally, this movie is on Foxtel tonight here in Australia. I had only just circled the TV guide this morning to watch this one, so I'm thrilled to see your review.


  2. Ooh, I'd avoided this movie because a friend of my bagged it. Thanks, Ally. Shall try and catch it now

  3. By some remarkable coincidence, guess which DVD I bought in the January sales yesterday?
    And yes, I loved it.
    What did you think of the secondary friend characters? Excellent.
    LOL Ray-Anne

  4. Great review, Ally! I've avoided this movie, because of the actors, but the storyline sounds too good to pass up.
    Carol Hutchens