Saturday, December 01, 2007

Weekend Wind-Down - Who Can Resist An Irish Boy?

This week at The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie follows up last weeks question about cowboys with one of her own - ahhh indeed and Who Can Resist An Irish Boy?

At this point from the POV of an Irish Writer writing many's an Irish hero you can understand my deep seated need for you to answer that question with 'Not me'... ;) Cos if everyone says 'I can' then so long, it was lovely knowing you all, my career was nice while it lasted...

But I gotta say if the number of good old Irish boys invading our screens these days is any indication then I might be alright for a wee while yet. And for such a small country ya kinda gotta say we're doing alright in producing these lovely lads for your - erm - enjoyment...

So who have we brought you???

Well we've already had a couple of them guest star right here at The Pink Heart Society as part of our wonderful collection of Male on Monday's. Gotta love the start of the week these days really. I brought you that bad boy we all love - Dublin born Colin Farrell and our lovely columnist Kate Walker very recently brought us dashing Drogheda born Pierce Brosnan. Both fine specimens of Irishness you have to agree. But who else have we sent out from our little island to charm you with that devilish sparkle of Irish charm in their eyes???

Can I interest anyone in Ballymena born Liam Neeson? At 6ft 4 he's already hero material in my mind (I do like a tall hero, don't you?) and add to that the way he has of owning any role he ever plays on the big screen and well... need I say much more?

How about a little Dublin born Gabriel Byrne? This charmer tried being an archaelogist, a schoolteacher, a short-order cook, and - erm - a bullfighter before he became an actor. Bound to be a plot or two in there even before you add that smile...

Oooohhhh but we're not done there! Oh my no. If you want to add a little red-headed Irishness to your cache of hero inspiration then how about Belfast born Kenneth Branagh? Having grown up in poverty in the shadow of a tobacco factory you gotta say he's one of those rags to riches type success stories we all love...

And of course now we have a brand new crop of Irish boys we're sending out into the big wide world for your enjoyment. Never let it be said we're not continuing to grow them right over here! It's all in that good clean air you know...

There's a certain Co. Cork born young man named Cillian Murphy for example. Originally planning a career in law until he discovered the world of acting he's been a brave boy when it comes to the more unusual roles. And yet that accent everyone seems to like still seems to have stood him in good stead with the lady fans... mind you - he does have pretty amazing eyes too... not that we'd be at all shallow here at the PHS you understand ;) But when you're wandering around with a half shaved head in the likes of 28 Days Later and those eyes can still catch a gals attention... wellll....

Then of course there's Dublin born Jonathan Rhys Myers who is making such a splash playing the young Henry VIII in The Tudors. Don't know him from that one? Then maybe you know him from the Hugo Boss Ads??? SURELY you've noticed him in THOSE??? What do you mean you didn't know he was Irish? Well if I told you he was born Jonathan Michael Francis O'Keefe would that help some? Yuh-huh, thought so. Dunno what was wrong with Jonathan O'Keefe myself but maybe thats just me.

How about Howth, Co. Dublin born Stuart Townsend? Whaddya mean who?! Well I betcha you might have known who he was sooner if he'd landed the role of Aragon in The Lord Of The Rings like he was going to to. Apparently they decided at the last minute they wanted an older actor in the role and in entered a certain Mr. Viggo Mortensen...c'est la vie. Mind you, I'd heard if your name is Charlize Theron you might know his name a little better ;)

Another new one to you might be Co. Wexford born Padraig Delaney from the movie The Wind That Shakes The Barley...currently starring alongside fellow Irishman Jonathan Rhys Myers in The Tudors as Anne Boleyn's brother George... sticky ending coming his way then if my history is any good...

And last but not least is *small town in Ireland* born (yeah - go on Google search NARROW IT DOWN some for me here! Very nearly didn't mention this guy at all due to the lack of pride in where he came from barring it being Ireland - but he's cute so that gets him points...) Allen Leech whose starting to gain a following from his role in the HBO series Rome where he played Marcus Agrippa. And you gotta admit - he is cute...

So what is it about an Irish boy? Is it the charm, the wit, the cheek, that sparkle in the eyes or is it purely and simply the accent? There has to be something... After all plenty of authors have used them in those little romances we all love so much and that's before I even begin to add those scrummy, delish Irish-American boys to the mix. *fans self* The only complaint I would have after doing this blog is that we still seem to be exporting a lot of the good ones from the island where certain single Irish writers still live...humph...

So can YOU resist an Irish boy???

H's & K's

Trish's next release from Modern Heat features a yummy Irish hero and a fiesty Irish heroine in a contemporary romp through Dublin.

His Mistress: His Terms is available from the Mills & Boon site next month and usual retailers in January

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  1. A lovely selection but I'll raise the game with my English boys! :) Just you wait.

    Jonathan Rhys Meyers is a complicated one isn't he. Now if ever there was a boy that needed rescuing - and he still lives in Eire.

  2. Liam Neeson... that soft accent, restrained manner. Awesome. I never forgave them for casting Jessica Lange opposite him in Rob Roy. I watched him as a Nazi officer in a lamentable movie called 'Shining Through', serious rubbish, but he was awesome in that dashing uniform.

  3. Ooooh it's the accent!!! Wasn't Stuart Townsend in The Queen of the Damned - i seem to recall he was drop dead (scuse the pun) gorgeous in that.(mainly because he was mostly topless the whole film)

    Just a point of interest my husband-to-be is from irish decent - O'Donovan is his last name =D

  4. I've just thought - what about Boyzone???

    Hope that works. Who'd have thought!!! :)

  5. It's the spark in the eyes...

    Nothing is more sexy than when a handsome man lights up from within. Especially if he lights up when he looks at YOU. Of course it's only part of the big picture, but it sure makes you feel...nice. *gg*

    Pierce Brosnan actually reminds me of a very handsome man I know.

    Good choice!


  6. Irish guys? Love 'em, love 'em, love 'em! Have a special soft spot for good ole Pierce and what about Roarke from Nora Roberts's In Death series, are we allowed ficticious guys???

  7. Well, I still like my cowboys....but let me just say that Agrippa was a fave of mine in ROME....and I still think Pierce was the best Bond.