Saturday, December 08, 2007

Weekend Wind-down - Here come the English lads ....

This week at the Pink Heart Society our Natasha Oakley picks up the gaunlet.

Cowboys??? An Irish boy????? Why?

Here come the English lads .....

I've had real difficulty narrowing the field which isn't bad considering England is quite small in global terms. For those of you who manage numbers its area is 130,395 km2 (or 50,346 square miles).

If you've been labouring under the misapprehension that English men come with a bowler hat and a rolled up copy of 'The Times' under their arms - or worse wearing sandals and socks together - you'd better take a seat. Maybe pour yourself a glass of restorative whisky ...

Let it not be said I'm fickle. I have to begin with Richard Crispin Armitage, born in Leicester on 22nd August, 1971 - and my first Male on Monday choice of 2007.

Clearly you'll need to break off at this point and do a little more research. That would be here and here (that one is specially for the black leather).


6ft 2" tall. Voice that melts you from the inside out??? Pretty darn perfect.

How about Hugh Laurie, my final 2007 choice for Male on Monday (23rd December)? Born James Hugh Calum Laurie on 11th June, 1959, in Oxford, England. Here in the UK he made a name for himself playing upper class English twits but worldwide he's now best known for his role in 'House' - with his, apparently, faultless American accent. I wouldn't know about that, of course!! He was educated at Eton (that's posh) and at Cambridge (that's clever!). Oh and he's 6ft 2" as well. Such a nice height for a man! :)

Next up I'm giving you Matthew MacFayden, Keira Knightley's Mr Darcy in the recent movie adaptation of 'Pride and Prejudice'. Born 17th October, 1974, in Great Yarmouth, England.

Matthew was my choice for Male on Monday last month, or rather more accurately 'Yellow Rose's' from the Armitage Army.

This one is mainly for Ally - because Robbie Williams does absolutely nothing for me. Robert Peter Williams was born 13th February, 1974, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. Ex-band member of 'Take That' he's now an internationally successful solo artist. Oh and 6ft 1". Nice, but I can't help but feel I'd have to 'mother' him and I have enough to do!

Here's a recent export to North America. Come across him yet?? Damian Watcyn Lewis was born 11th February, 1971, in St Johns Wood, London. He's another Eton educated English boy. Also standing at 6ft 1".

Or if you're not a fan of red-haired men, though I don't understand why, what about one of his drama school contemporaries? Daniel Wroughton Craig was my December 2006 choice for Male on Monday. The current 007 was born 2nd March, 1968, in Chester, Cheshire. Who didn't need to lie quietly in a darkened room after seeing Daniel in those blue swim shorts???

All told, it was a good time at the Guildhall School of Speech and Drama. Here's another contemporary. Joseph Alberic Fiennes was born 27th May, 1970, in Salisbury, Wiltshire. And, just for Trish, I'll tell you he spent a part of his childhood in Eire. He's also 6ft 1" and a twin! How lovely!!! There are two of them. :) What's more he's apparently 8th cousin to HRH The Prince of Wales.

And what about elder brother Ralph Nathaniel Twisleton-Wykeham Fiennes? He was born 22nd December, 1962, in Ipswich, Suffolk. Okay his reputation has been a little tarnished by the sex in the sky scandal earlier this year. Remember??? Quantas flight attendant, Lisa Robertson, was suspended and subsequently fired for having sex with Ralph in a business class toilet during a flight from Darwin to Mumbai on 24th January, 2007. See, what a wonder our tabloid papers are!!!! How would I have managed without that information?

(By the by, why would anyone want to have sex in a toilet? I must be missing something.)

Oh, his defense was that he wasn't the 'aggressor' in that relationship!!!! Poor love!

It's nearly Christmas so it wouldn't be right not to include recent Male on Monday Jamie Bamber in 'the other towel picture'. Full name - Jamie St John Bamber Griffith. 5ft 9" tall. Looking very good in not alot.

When asked what four things he'd need to survive on a desert island he answered:

"I'd take a good book - Dante's Divine Comedy, because you can never plumb the depths of that. I would also take a mask and snorkel so I could check out the fish, because I love wildlife. And I'd take my laptop, so I could surf the 'net to find a way to get off the damned island! I could write my novel then as well - and decide what the meaning of life is."

Not only does he look pretty fantastic almost in a towel he studied at Cambridge University leaving with a 1st Class MA Honours in Modern Languages. That's as good as it gets.

Next up is, imo, one of the world's most beautiful creations. Adrian Lester. He might be new to some of you because he tends to make 'arty' choices rather than commercial ones. Born 14th August, 1968, in Birmingham. A smidge under 6ft 2" I understand. Personally, I'm all for not exporting him.

This Englishman misses me a bit. I will give you he is photogenic, but he has the silliest voice and not much content in what he says. But ...

David Robert Joseph Beckham was born 2nd May, 1975, in Leystone, East London. Something of an iconic figure he was Captain of the English football team from 2000 - 2006. A mere quarter of an inch off 6ft.

If you're set on an English football player might I put my vote in for Michael Owen? Born 14th December, 1979, in Chester, Cheshire. He's married to his childhood sweetheart and the couple had their third child in October this year. And how about this???? Michael bought an entire street for his extended family to live in. Awwwww.

Well, that's the first dozen and I haven't even begun to run out of English lads. Keep watching for Part 2 ...

With love

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Book 5: Expecting His Royal Baby - Susan Stephens
Book 6: the Prince's Forbidden Virgin - Robyn Donald
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  1. Crap on a cracker, Natasha, you might have bested me. Takes a big woman to admit that but...lord. Michael Owen. Droool. And Adrian and I share the same birthday - Aug. 14.

    But you really had me with Damian and Jamie - 2 of my faves EVER. Damian's new US drama is on my must watch list and he was spectacular in Band of Brothers.

    And since Jamie was MY Male on Monday, I can't dispute his hotness. Nice towel pic by the way. :-)

    Trish says I started something here with the "Who can resist" post a while back... but you know from where I'm sitting I don't see a problem with that!

    Well done sweets.

  2. And I haven't even touched on the Welsh and Scottish boys yet - and considering my ancestors I had a bit of an internal struggle. Hey ho!

  3. And all hail Richard Armitage! The most delicious male ever and he comes free with his own army, doesn't he?

    Nicolette x

  4. I would add Philip Glenister who apparently is gaining quite a female following in the US after airing of the second series of Life on Mars. He is also in Cranford.
    And there is John Sims and what about David Tennant...

    There again I am partial to Englishmen, having married one...

  5. That's part 2, Michelle, or maybe even 3. I'm spoilt for choice. But not David Tennant - he's Scottish.

    Isn't 'Cranford' wonderful!

  6. Oooh... totally agree with you about Adrian, Natasha. I think he's just beautiful and we share a birthday too. Where's Rupert Penry-Jones though? ;)

  7. Now he is already in my draft for next time, Jopee. I have a great picture of him in a car. Besides, really want to mention that he used to date Kylie.

  8. I kneeeew this was coming after Trish's post.

    And watch this space for my own retort re Down Under Hunks!!!


  9. I see Natasha you still have the gorgeous Richard Armitage (RA to those of us in the Army and yes he does have his own army) in the top spot. Perfect!!!

    Just so all my sisters know I would, of course, have chosen RA as Male on Monday if you had not already done so. Must admit though it is pretty hard to consider Matthew MacFayden second place on the heartthrob scale.

    Yellow Rose

  10. BTW,
    When you do touch on those Scottish and Welsh boys I hope to see Gerry, Ioan and James.

    Yellow Rose

  11. Nice choices, Natasha. RA is untoppable (sorry, Trish and Ally, you just don't have a chance there *g*)

    Might I suggest Rufus Sewell for part 2? (I cite his roles as Ladislaw in Middlemarch, and Charles II.)